Here’s another fraudulent charge to watch out: charges in the amount of $9.45 or $9.40 from your checking account from an “advertising company” called HBS. A reader says it happened to him, and when he searched online, he found others, a good number of whom had ordered credit reports from Equifax… [800notes]


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  1. Rando says:

    More than likely they forgot to check no

  2. toddkravos says:

    9.49 is also a dollar amount. It’s sitting in the ‘pending bucket’ of my checking account.

  3. dreamcatcher2 says:

    Similarly there are reports of charges of $9.85 from “ACM”. (see []) I am waiting for them to call me back… my credit union requires I dispute it with the company first. Fat chance of them responding but I have to try.

  4. These things are why I like to keep my own financial records, as opposed to having software like Money or Quicken or services like sync up with my bank’s online account information. This way, if I didn’t record a transaction myself and it shows up on my statement, then I know it is fishy.