“Excessive price-scanning errors” earned the Kmart in Madison, North Carolina a $5,000 fine from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. [Eden Daily News]


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  1. ceriphim says:

    3 to 5% error rate in item pricing? Holy shit. Ahh, I’ll just say in my experience that would be counted as doing well. How fastidious can you expect minimum-wage employees to be when they take markdowns on thousands of items…?

  2. Infe says:

    I don’t know the industry average, but it seems very high to me. I would suspect it should be more along the lines of 0.3% or 0.5% to be acceptable.

  3. XTC46 says:

    @Infe: according to the article, 2% is considered acceptable. So if a store carries 10,000 different items, 200 of them can be priced wrong.

  4. SaraAB87 says:

    FINALLY someone has taken notice to the fact that nearly every other item in Kmart stores has a price tag on it that does not match the price that comes up when you scan the barcode. I have been in line when there were only 2 cashiers working and both lines were at a standstill waiting for price checks because the retailer cannot get their prices straight.

  5. Infe says:

    Wow, 2% is considered acceptable, that seems absurd to me. I ship out food at a distribution center, and a 0.02% error ratio is the minimum!!! Of course, it’s simpler than tagging different products with different prices all the time.

  6. StevieD says:

    And what % of the items were priced incorrectly but UNDERPRICED.

    Yes, underpriced does occur and sometimes is large errors. I purchased 4 folding chairs for the price of 1 at Kmart because of such a price reader errors.

  7. dantsea says:

    I remember the last time something like this came up, we actually had commenters here shrieking about consumers and the state “nickel and diming” K-Mart. It was hilarious, in a mind-boggling sort of way.

  8. kangman says:

    put target up there as well. I got four items and they miss scanned two.