"We Do Not State That The Wood For This Chair Is Black"

One problem with ordering furniture online: you may not get what you saw on the website. Then, when you contact the store to explain that the light wood sitting in your living room is nothing remotely like what you ordered, you might get this response: “I would like to inform you though that we do not state that the wood for this chair is black, although the photo we do have shows that the wood is dark we do not state that it is black.”

Fortunately, David was able to get modernfurniture.com to see reason, by writing a couple of reasonable, professional letters, and by sending photographs of the obviously not “black” chair:

While this is true, you do not say it is “black”, the wood in your picture is not even close in color to what I received. The wood in your picture may not be “black,” maybe it’s “cappuccino” or some other very dark color, but your picture definitely does not show a chair with light brown wood…

It seems that the wood may be detachable. If that is the case and I’m sent instructions on how to remove them, I will be happy to perform a wood exchange. If I must return the entire product to you for a refund or an exchange for the correct item, I hope we can do that as easily as possible as well.

Except for the wood, the chair itself is beautiful and I trust that we can resolve this in a quick and friendly manner.

The side-by-side photos, and the sweet-talk, seemed to do the trick:

After reviewing the photos and speaking with my supervisor we are going to be able to issue a call tag for this particular item at our expense… Once we receive confirmation that FedEx has picked up the item we will be able to issue back credit or send out a replacement, which ever you prefer.

We hope you enjoy your new, closer-to-black chair, David (provided you ever receive it).

(Thanks to David!)