Netflix Lifts Restrictions On Downloadable Movie Rentals

Netflix has removed the monthly limits on all but its lowest-cost plan in an apparent attempt to position itself more competitively against Apple, which is expected to announce a downloadable movie rental service tomorrow. Now for as little as $8.99 per month you can watch as many movies on your PC as you can download.

Granted, Netflix only has about 6,000 movies available for download—but even if their library is missing some obscure or specialty titles, that’s still not a bad price-per-movie if you watch a lot of flicks on your PC.

We hate to sound like a commercial for Netflix, a company this writer has hated and avoided since 2002 when I caught them throttling my rentals—and that craptastic 2006 “settlement” was even more offensive than TJX’s offer to hold a “special sale” for its victims of identity theft. But hey, a deal’s a deal, and $9 a month for unlimited movie and TV downloads is pretty sweet.

“Netflix Expands Internet Viewing Option” [Wired]

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