Reach Equifax Customer Care

If calling the regular Equifax “customer service” (cough, cough) line at 866-640-2273 doesn’t work for you, is an email address you can use to try to resolve problems with your Equifax credit report. Equifax really doesn’t give a damn about you because you’re not its customer, banks and lenders are, but a reader says that he was able to use this email address to get an Extended Fraud Alert that he didn’t put on taken off his account. You can also try 404-885-8000, which is a direct line into their Atlanta corporate headquarters.


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  1. PermanentStar says:

    Also, you can try 1-800-770-3792 or 1-800-237-4851.

    (They are still customer care numbers, but we’ve not had complaints on people getting through to them from those numbers.)

    per, they say if you call the regular 866 number, if you press “30” at each prompt, you will be directed to a human instead of remaining in the never ending IVR prompts.

  2. spawnofbill says:

    Please remove this picture, it is no longer the Atlanta headquarters of Equifax. The building in the picture is SCAD-Atlanta (Savannah School of Art and Design in Atlanta) and has been for a few years now.

  3. ChuckECheese says:

    Good news: I just emailed Ms Dinah Watson, and received a telephone call within 5 minutes from her personally. I was unable to get a free copy of my report. She printed and mailed it to me.

  4. SadafNausicaa says:

    You don’t have customer service! i am going to get to someone in Equifax if it kills me!! this is a discrace I have been trying to get to someone to speak to about a ALERT you sent me for 3-4 days why ? take the money and run , is that Equifax’s new motto? iI will also be contacting all the goverment AGENCYS I CAN GET TO LISTEN . aND ALSO Clark HOWARD. I will spend whatever it takes to tell the people what a dispeckable company equifax is .

  5. kwwphoto says:

    Take the money and run is right.

    I have had the same horrendous customer “service” problems as SadafNausicaa above. They starting charging me for some BS “credit watch” service when I only ordered a free credit report back in Sept. 2008. I caught it after a few months’ worth of charges (yeah, yeah lesson learned).

    After 4-5 calls with their Indian call center and at least 4 hours (!) on hold with these idiots, I finally got them to cancel the service and refund 2 of 5 months worth of charges.

    Why couldn’t I get a full refund of wrongful Equifax charges? They wanted me to fax in my personal & sensitive bank statements from the past 6 months to “verify” my charges, even though they already verified the charges through their computer records. Why would I fax in personal bank statements to some random call center in India…let alone any reasonable financial institution here in the U.S.?! I certainly couldn’t get an answer from the call center since they were just reading from a script, including the supervisors. Customer service my ass!

    So Equifax took my money and ran. Never do business with them…not even for a “free” credit report. They should be ashamed of themselves–let’s hope everyone who gets burned by them warns their friends and family from Equifax theft.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Surprisingly enough I got through to a real human by dialing 866-640-2273 and presing “30” at each prompt and she answered my questions.

  7. tz says:

    Calling the 404 headquarters number (today) and asking for “customer service” got me to someone who could resolve a problem (I have a business and home address and the robots always seem to require the other one). I don’t know if everything is fixed, but at least there is no phone tree and the person can directly access things which can’t be done from the 866 number.