Walmart Sponge Pricing Scheme Rewards Those Who Pay Attention

Check it out. We’re actually helping people. This is awesome:

Hi, Consumerist.

I went to pick up a few sponges at Wal-Mart (in Oxford, MS) the other day, and was about to grab the 6-pack of the Scotch-Brite like I typically get…but then I thought about the story on Consumerist a few days back about the per-unit price of a 12-pack of Red Bulls being more than if you just bought the equivalent in 4-packs at Target. So I looked over at the price of the 3-pack right next to it. The results:

$2.44/3 = $0.81 per sponge
$5.74/6 = $0.95 per sponge

Each sponge in the 6-pack is $0.14 more expensive than if it came in a 3-pack.

I’ve caught this sort of thing before, but I now have a camera phone, so I decided to capture the proof and pass it along. Pictures are attached.


Yeah, baby! That’s why we do the job. Our high school guidance counselors are probably high-fiving each other right now.

(Photo:Thanks, Michael!)