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  • StateFarm: It’s not online yet but soon all StateFarm customers will be able to file their taxes with TurboTax for free. If you’re not a StateFarm customer, the easiest thing to do is sign up for their free checking and you’ll get access to the free TurboTax.
  • Costco: $15 off Quicken
  • Woot: Reebok Precision Trainer XT Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap for $19.99
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  • ShoeMall: Save an Extra 15% off All Shoes and Accessories
  • Amazon: Panasonic Lumix LZ7 7.2MP Camera $150 Shipped
  • Snapfish: Clearance Sale: Save 40% off Select Photo Items including Posters
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  • Winter Clearance Sale up to 75% off
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    1. Bladefist says:

      All statefarm? Or statefarm insurance or statefarm bank?

    2. forgottenpassword says:

      HOT DAMN! FInally state farm has something usefull I can use without feeling I am getting completely hosed!

      I regularly use free turbotax every year anyway (I qualify for the government’s “poor-man special” from them), but it should be a bit interesting to go thru state farm this year.

    3. spiritofme says:

      I’ve used the State Farm link to TurboTax since last Saturday (05 Jan); FYI, it includes free e-filing and state filing! It’s not advertised well on your account page, but you can find it on the left under “Additional Links”–“FREE tax filing”. Also, if you need to get back to your taxes, to finish or whatever, you supposedly *must* re-enter TurboTax online through State Farm. Hope that helps.

    4. mopar_man says:

      The black version of that Panasonic camera is even cheaper at $130.

    5. mopar_man says:

      Oops. Looks like the black one ships from somewhere else so there will be a shipping charge.

    6. pengie says:

      I already love State Farm, but this is icing on the cake. I’ve been thinking about checking out TurboTax for a while–this is a good chance to do so. And hey, if I don’t like it, it’s free~

    7. ArtlessDodger says:

      How does the StateFarm thing work? And does it apply to customers with insurance or only banking services? Also, does anyone know is it is the TurboTax software or just the opportunity to e-file?


    8. Truthie says:

      The State Farm method is indeed online and has been for a while. Log into your account and then click the link on the left about filing your taxes to be directed to the TurboTax site.

    9. savvy999 says:

      I’ve been using Turbotax for a couple of years, entering through a variety of ‘portals’; last year it was some Citi promotion. Can someone verify that previous years’ info carries over using the State Farm link?

      That’s the whole point, not having to spend the time to enter everything all over again.

      This could be sweet!

    10. holocron says:

      State Farm/ Turbotax: I used this last year and it worked great. Best of all, it is all free–federal, state, and e-file.

      However, to get everything free you have to use their ONLINE version. So you have to be comfortable with all your details/information being stored on their servers.

      You can get the stand-alone version for free as well, either as a download or cd-rom. However, you do not get free e-file with this option.

      If you go with the online version, you have to logon thru the State Farm website.

    11. The_Truth says:

      So is this State farm banking, or state farm insurance?

      I have just their insurance and it would be nice to get some free tax filing goodness!

    12. holocron says:

      @The_Truth: I have their auto/home insurance. No banking.

      So yes, you can get this by just having the insurance. You have to set up an online account and you get to it from there.

    13. savvy999 says:

      I just signed up for a State Farm online account (never bothered to do so before, dunno why), and not only can you get TurboTax free, you can also get a free McAfee for a year:

      State Farm has partnered with McAfee®, a leading provider of security software, to offer VirusScan Plus which includes antivirus, antispyware, and firewall software to provide you with the essential protection needed.

      better than nothin’, especially for the price.

      and to answer my own question from before, TT seamlessly found my info from last year. If I had my W2s I’d be done by now. God I love the internets.

    14. Bryan Price says:

      And I would be wanting to be a customer of State Farm why? They specifically are why I hate auto insurance companies.

      Hopefully the deal with McAfee is better than the 90 day “trial” that Comcast gives us users.

    15. holocron says:

      @savvy999: Yes, you can get McAfee free too. I did that last year. McAfee is a dog–resource hound to be exact. Try AVG Free or something like that. Much better, IMO and doesn’t make your computer run like a gimpy hog.

    16. Buran says:

      I just went and prepared through the statefarm deal (which I didn’t know about last year). Everything for fed/state, prep and filing, is showing up as $0 for when I continue through to “pay” and file.

      Left my checkbook at home, you see (I don’t carry it with me) and I haven’t memorized my bank’s routing number, just the checking account number, so I have to go home to fill out the “where to send my refund” stuff.

    17. donnadie says:

      Well, I had to become a member so I could comment when I saw this. I have Statefarm insurance and used the TurboTax link. When I got to the end of the filing process it turns out that I will be billed the full amount ($29.95) for the edition I chose, which was supposed to be free. TurboTax also does not let you downgrade without losing all your previous years’ financial information.