How To Become A "Brand Strategist"

Don’t Believe The Hypebeast gives a mock tutorial on how to become a “brand strategist,” basically some white douche who figures out how to make brands and products appeal to that fabled white unicorn, youth culture endowed with ungodly amounts of disposable income.

1. To be an influential and successful youth culture brand strategist, you’re going to need to be a White male, preferably with an affluent upbringing, but with a penchant for rap music and 80’s punk. Don’t have that particular penchant? Wikipedia that shit!

Hit the link for the next five easy steps to siphon monies from big brands wanting to get jiggy with it, whatever it is.

So You Wanna Be A Brand Strategist? [Don’t Believe The Hypebeast]
(Photo: TheeErin)

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