Even Though You Can't Get Service, Tmobile Won't Let You Leave Without Fee

Evan sent the following complaint letter to Tmobile’s CEO:

I am a T-Mobile customer from Miami, FL. I am writing you to report the unconscionable treatment I have received from T-Mobile over the past six months. For the past six months I have received no cellular reception in my area. After repeated calls and technical checks, the T-Mobile technical team issued a report stating that there is no coverage in my home and T-Mobile has no intention of upgrading the service in my area. I was initially told that upgrading my equipment to a new phone may resolve my issue. After a contract renewal and significant expense for the new equipment, my service is no better than it was previously.

I was then told that I was “stuck” with no service in my home under my current rate plan. Furthermore, I was told that my only option was to upgrade my service yet again to a “T-Mobile home hotspot” at a cost of $20.00 per month plus yet another equipment upgrade of at least $150.00. These costs would be in addition to the cost of broadband internet service provided by a third party. Seeing that I did not wish to upgrade yet again, it was suggested in the alternatively that I move to a new home. These callous suggestions are indicative of the general attitude at T-Mobile. I am forced to incur significant expense to use a service which I’ve already paid for.

Although T-Mobile has acknowledged that it is not able to provide me service without an upgrade, and therefore not delivered the service it is contractually bound to deliver, I am still bound by the early termination fee of $200. This “take-it-or-leave-it” deal is disreputable. T-Mobile lures consumers into contracts which it can not deliver upon and then charges the customer additional expenses to actually receive service which it promises. If the customer decides to move to a competitor which is able to provide service, T-Mobile socks the consumer with an early termination fee. Either way T-Mobile wins. The choice of paying for upgraded service or termination fees is anti-competitive and needs to be addressed.


Evan G.
T-Mobile Account Number: [redacted]
T-Mobile Number: [redacted]

That’s just crazy. In fact, not being able to get service is one of the situations where one CAN get out of a cellphone contract without paying termination fee. You’re signing a contract saying that you will provide your monies in exchange for their services. They’re not providing the service and are thus in breach of contract and the contract is void. The problem, Evan, is that you’ve been talking to Tier 1 reps, who are apparently more concerned will upselling you on useless services than solving your problem. Try talking to the Retentions department. You can call them at 1-877-524-9422.