Target's Red Bull Pricing Scheme Rewards People Who Pay Attention

I typically prefer to make jokes at Wal-Mart’s expense. Target, however, is forcing me to make a joke with Target as the punchline. Every time I go into the store, I have to stand and gawk at the point of purchase Red Bull display. A 4-pack is $5.89 and the 12-pack is $19.99. Seems to me that you could just get three 4-packs for $17.67 and save yourself a cool two dollars. Also, this is Target’s standard pricing for these items as I check every time I go in Target to see if they have wised up. Also, it saddens me to say that I have seen customers purchase the 12-packs. So maybe Target has it figured out after all?


Hey, Target just wants to keep you on your toes. Those who pay attention will be rewarded. Or something.