Reach Verizon Wireless Executive Customer Service

910-794-6232 – Lisa Bennett, Executive Customer Relations

If that stops working, 910-794-6200 is the main executive office number.

The reader who submitted this writes, “They were able to get rid of my bill AND get the credit agency to go away… She was able to do anything and everything. They even said that they would call within 24 hours to make sure everything was completed…..and called within 22.”

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  1. 8abhive says:

    I wonder how effective it would be to give this team the task of fixing Verizon’s telephone problems? Everything: billing, sales, & support. Sure, a band-aid helps, but better would be for them to resolve the broken management and incentive structures that cause the problems.

  2. Skoove says:

    I’m sure the 500+ calls she’s going to get in the next hour are going to help her effectively resolve problems for people…

  3. deadlizard says:

    Someone at Verizon treat customers as people? It can’t last.

  4. zaka says:

    Is there more of a story behind this submission? I don’t see why they would get rid of someones bill and call off the collection agency for no real reason. But hell, I don’t like paying my bill either…. *grabs phone*

  5. tange1 says:

    Finally a number for verizon wireless!

  6. keith4298 says:

    @zaka: The rest of the story is that the plan was cancelled (without an ETF) using Consumerist’s post about txt message change rates.

    When they cancelled the plan, they stopped auto-payments and also stopped sending e-statements.

    Shoot 6 months into the future, my wife gets a notice that a credit card (that she never uses except for emergencies due to the higher APR) has been closed by the bank due to a negative on her credit report. We check the report…..HELLO VERIZON!

    I tried regular numbers and then called the CEO a few times. Finally, his secretary (or whoever answers the line) gave me another number that led me to Lisa Williams.

    She’s very nice, so please….be respectfull when talking with her – I’m sure she didn’t expect hundreds of calls out of the blue.

  7. viqas says:

    Maybe i can ask them if i can have java and bluetooth on my phone. OH! and if i can have an icon based interface, i hate the verizon themes, it is so ugly.

  8. dgcaste says:

    you mean “they are so ugly.”

  9. xrodion says:

    Just, want to say this really helped me out big time. Also, Lisa is a very nice and understanding person. We talked a few times now and she was always willing to listen and help.

  10. xrodion says:

    Lisa, was very helpfull for me and everything. I really think that she was very polite and friendly and overall a great experience talking to her. thanks again to this site.

  11. This number has been changed to Verizon Wireless Financial Services for North Carolina.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The easiest way to get to Verizon Wireless Executive Services is to send them a letter through I’ve used this site several times when customer service and corporate stores failed to help. They always call you back within 24 hours of sending the letter and my problems are always resolved within a few days.