Letter To Wisconsin Department Of Weights And Measures Results In Victory

Reader Gabe writes in to tell us that he reported a gas station to the Wisconsin Department of Weights and Measures because he noticed that the pump started charging him before he ever pulled the trigger.

Turns out that the state investigated Gabe’s story, then sent him a follow up letter thanking him for his complaint.

“Thank you for submitting your complaint about Mian’s Mobil. Citizen complaints like yours often alert us to problems in our community and serve as a valuable tool in our efforts to ensure fairness in the marketplace. In this case, a problem was found with pump #2 regular,” says the letter.

It goes on to describe the investigation and then thanks Gabe for his help.

“Your complaint has served a valuable function in the detection of unfair business practices. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. Please contact me again should the need arise or if you have any questions.”

Isn’t that nice? We love the Wisconsin Department of Weights and Measures!


Victory For Consumer [WriteLarge]

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