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  • Reader gets the runaround at Red Lobster. Article rated NSFL. (not safe for lunch)
  • Newegg goes “above and beyond” and allows reader to make a return outside of their standard return policy.
  • Back to school means expensive textbooks. Where can you find textbooks on the cheap?
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    1. UnStatusTheQuo says:

      I love newegg.

    2. MightyPen says:

      wait, there’s a consumerist forum? I must’ve missed the link on the homepage.

    3. faust1200 says:

      @mightypen: The forums are not officially affiliated with Gawker, etc. which is why there is no link. However, you can reach the forums at: []

    4. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

      My neighbor got food poisoning at Red Lobster. It damaged her immune system, never recovered and died.

    5. Lawk Salih says:

      Where is the Forum?

    6. B says:

      “A Red Lobster that won’t ruin your dinner, Zoidberg!”

    7. B1663R says:

      and that is why i avoid dead lobster and all the other seafood chains.

      like, who actually eats at long john silvers or orders the fillet-o-fish at McDonalds?