Walmart Is Still Selling Recalled Lead-Tainted Bibs

Walmart is still selling lead-tainted Baby Connection bibs that were recalled last May. Reader Jeff made the discovery after his wife accidentally purchased two packs of recalled bibs for their 4-month-old daughter while vacationing in the Poconos.

He writes:

so my wife and i and our 4 month old baby girl took a trip to the Poconos for a vacation back in December. we stopped at the Super Wal-Mart there (East Stroudsburg, PA) to get some supplies. my wife wanted to get some bibs for our baby.

she bought 2 packs of bibs with a vinyl backing so they wouldn’t soak through onto her clothes because she always has her bib in her mouth… as it turns out these bibs have already been recalled in Illinois back in May of last year and later supposedly expanded nationwide for having high levels of lead. there were lots of news reports about this from back in May. after further research we found out the UPC numbers of the bibs and sure enough we had them. they were: Baby Connection 7-Pack Feeder Bibs UPC No. 01468151077. other upc numbers are: 01468152705 and 01468102732

so basically, it just makes us sick to our stomach that these companies will sell products to consumers that they know have high amounts of lead in them. why were’nt these bibs taken off the shelves in ALL of their stores. why does a child in Illinois have better protection than my child in New Jersey (although we bought the bibs in Pennsylvania)?

thanks guys, keep up the good work,


Children in Illinois are safer because the state bans the sale of products containing more than 600 ppm of lead. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned all parents that vinyl bibs may be tainted with lead, but refuses to issue a nationwide recall.

Walmart voluntarily agreed to pull the lead-ridden bibs back in May to avoid the fine-wielding ire of Illinois’ Attorney General.

Mia Masten, a Chicago-based spokeswoman for Wal-Mart, said the vinyl portion of the bibs exceeded the lead levels set by Illinois for children’s products. She said the company had worked with the Illinois attorney general’s office to pull the items and later decided to expand the recall nationwide.

“We at Wal-Mart are committed to working … to develop industry standards for the elimination of vinyl in children’s products,” Masten said.

Maybe those industry standards should have include a directive to pull recalled products from the shelf? Just a suggestion.

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