Walmart Is Still Selling Recalled Lead-Tainted Bibs

Walmart is still selling lead-tainted Baby Connection bibs that were recalled last May. Reader Jeff made the discovery after his wife accidentally purchased two packs of recalled bibs for their 4-month-old daughter while vacationing in the Poconos.

He writes:

so my wife and i and our 4 month old baby girl took a trip to the Poconos for a vacation back in December. we stopped at the Super Wal-Mart there (East Stroudsburg, PA) to get some supplies. my wife wanted to get some bibs for our baby.

she bought 2 packs of bibs with a vinyl backing so they wouldn’t soak through onto her clothes because she always has her bib in her mouth… as it turns out these bibs have already been recalled in Illinois back in May of last year and later supposedly expanded nationwide for having high levels of lead. there were lots of news reports about this from back in May. after further research we found out the UPC numbers of the bibs and sure enough we had them. they were: Baby Connection 7-Pack Feeder Bibs UPC No. 01468151077. other upc numbers are: 01468152705 and 01468102732

so basically, it just makes us sick to our stomach that these companies will sell products to consumers that they know have high amounts of lead in them. why were’nt these bibs taken off the shelves in ALL of their stores. why does a child in Illinois have better protection than my child in New Jersey (although we bought the bibs in Pennsylvania)?

thanks guys, keep up the good work,


Children in Illinois are safer because the state bans the sale of products containing more than 600 ppm of lead. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned all parents that vinyl bibs may be tainted with lead, but refuses to issue a nationwide recall.

Walmart voluntarily agreed to pull the lead-ridden bibs back in May to avoid the fine-wielding ire of Illinois’ Attorney General.

Mia Masten, a Chicago-based spokeswoman for Wal-Mart, said the vinyl portion of the bibs exceeded the lead levels set by Illinois for children’s products. She said the company had worked with the Illinois attorney general’s office to pull the items and later decided to expand the recall nationwide.

“We at Wal-Mart are committed to working … to develop industry standards for the elimination of vinyl in children’s products,” Masten said.

Maybe those industry standards should have include a directive to pull recalled products from the shelf? Just a suggestion.


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  1. The_Duke says:

    There has always been lead in kids crap. Why is it all of a sudden an issue these past few months? I toughed it out, they can too…

  2. humphrmi says:

    @The_Duke: Yeah, me too, I was raised on lead products. And look at what winners we turned out to be, it’s 60 degrees in Chicago and I’m sitting in front of my computer, waiting for the next Consumerist post so I can comment. I hope my kids grow up just like me! :)

  3. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    By the way, Wal-Mart NEVER pulls recalled shit off it’s shelves. Everyone should know this by now. It’s akin to Sears customer service sucking and Best Buy’s prices being bogus.

    It’s the norm.

  4. falc says:

    thanks for putting that up so fast Carey. i guess ultimately we should have know better than to buy a product for our baby that was made in china and sold in wal-mart…

  5. SaveMeJeebus says:

    “Who needs lead when you’ve got…”

  6. JStrulleh says:

    But the thing is, are they taking the sale of these tainted bibs very seriously?

  7. headon says:

    Freakin Walmart. Will they ever get their act together. They move millions of packages from warehouse to store but try to move a few in the opposite direction and all systems fail. What boneheads.

  8. bhall03 says:

    Is ANYBODY surprised at this headline???

  9. Propaniac says:

    This post made me realize I had no idea what or where the Poconos were.

  10. ColoradoShark says:

    Now does anyone understand Walmart’s failure to pull the Totenkopf shirts as promised showed their inability to pull actual dangerous stuff off the shelf?
    It wasn’t about the Nazi symbol!

  11. FishingCrue says:

    Walmart hates babies.

  12. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    @JStrulleh: Haha! They have moved onto the next corporate mumbo-jumbo of “We are committed…”

  13. evilhapposai says:

    Walmart doesnt give a flying **** about the customers otherwise they would spend a little more effort to make sure these kinda of things were tested and removed BEFORE THEY EVER EVEN HIT THE SHELVES!

  14. badgerette says:

    Holy crap. I’ve been buying a pack of those a month for the last year at least. Niiiice.

  15. TCameron says:

    But they taste so good when you gnaw on them . . .

  16. ShadowFalls says:

    One would think though, is there really any need for lead in a freaking bib? I mean really…

    I think things are more lead paint prone now than years ago. More products are made in China and far less in the US. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that lead is poisonous, more so with kids and it shouldn’t be in things likely to go into their mouths…

    Seriously though, who would really think there would be lead in a bib? I was pretty surprised.

  17. queenmum says:

    The little prince only wears bibs made by the Queenmum herself. He is, after all, the heir apparent, and cannot be bothered with leaden bibs and such bosh.
    Seriously, it’s almost impossible to get something NOT made in China these days, especially from gives-me-the-Willies-mart or other large discounters. I’d rather spend a little more, or make it myself. The young prince plays with a lot of kitchen utensils and pots and pans, along with carefully (I hope) chosen toys.

  18. LadyCarolineLamb says:

    What about PET toys????? I challenge anyone to find a cat toy in ANY STORE that isn’t made in China. It’s sickening…even the ones like “Fat Cat” that have the whole Ben & Jerry’s Vermont writing all over the package,…the COMPANY is in the US, but the toys are all made in China like every other brand. The pet food thing seems to be brushed under the rug as well… Why are we getting wheat (here we are the “amber waves of grain” country),from China?
    Remember, “MADE in the USA” does not necessarily mean all INGREDIENTS originated from the USA.

  19. Curiosity says:

    Very nice considering the side effects –
    “Even low levels of exposure to lead can result in IQ deficits, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, stunted or slowed growth, and impaired hearing. At increasingly high levels of exposure, a child may suffer kidney damage, become mentally retarded, fall into a coma, and even die from lead poisoning. Lead poisoning has been associated with a significantly increased high-school dropout rate, as well as increases in juvenile delinquency and criminal behavior.”

  20. vanilla-fro says:

    Has anyone seen the Nazi shirt in a while? maybe they were using it to keep our attention off the lead covered baby products.

  21. ElizabethD says:


    LOL! You for the win.

  22. nebraskabill says:

    eh, vacationing in the Poconos, so we got a few less rich kids, what’s it gonna hurt, Too bad more of these rich A holes didn’t buy tainted bibs!!

  23. @humphrmi: I know, wasn’t it GORGEOUS???? We did yard work. :D

  24. Tank says:

    but the baby is safe from harmful x-rays, right?

  25. falc says:

    @nebraskabill: how incredibly inappropriate. i think you fail to realize if we’re SO rich (which we’re not) why did we go shopping at a walmart? oh, and thanks for wishing for my daughter to die… good on you

  26. dcartist says:

    Hahah, TANK, that’s right.

    Maybe Walmart needs to sell the Bibs to the hospital radiology department.

  27. dcartist says:

    But to be serious for a sec, it’s really horrible that Walmart, of all places, doesn’t have their act together on a clearly recalled item with lead in it.

    That’s serious business. Especially since their inventory system is supposed to be so great.

  28. AlphaTeam says:

    Giving WalMart the benefit of the doubt, they could be just selling off old stock rather than purposely selling recall products.

    And for those wondering, the Poconos in New Jersey across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

  29. multi-taskingmommy says:

    That is VERY scary! I can’t believe they wouldn’t pull them off of the shelf immediately! We had those exact bibs for my daughter and they are sitting somewhere in our basement for future use (hopefully)–I’m going to have to go down there and dig them out now. I’m sick, just sick to know that they contained lead!!!