Top Posts Of The Week

JetBlue Flight Attendant Takes Revenge On Passenger Who Asked Her To Stop Speaking Loudly
“As I left the plane, I saw airport security interrogating the woman as her freaked-out children watched. That image is still bothering me.”

Walmart: Santa Brings A MP3 Player Full Of Porn To A 10-Year-Old Girl
“The Hills want to know why Wal-Mart would sell used merchandise as new in the first place, which is in violation of its own policies.”

82-Year-Old Woman Sues Chase To Recover Life Savings
“Chase is refusing to honor a cashiers check for $19.700.22…she was told that the check expired after five years, and that her life savings now belonged to the state.”

Sprint’s Special Low Price For One Month Of Mobile Broadband: $14,062.27
“Krystyl signed up for Sprint’s $59.99 unlimited Mobile Broadband plan and isn’t sure why she just received a bill for $14,062.27.”

Capital One Pockets Traveler’s $6000, Ruins Vacation
“As a consequence, he’s “pre-paid” $6,000 onto a Capital One card that has been red-flagged and frozen, and Capital One refuses to budge…”