New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut are preparing legislation similar to New York State’s airline passenger’s bill of rights. [San Francisco Chronicle via ConsumerWorldBlog]


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  1. hubris says:

    Woohoo! Always nice to see my state getting some mention. We’re so small no one ever does, unless it’s about friggin Buddy Cianci.

  2. girlfriend 6.0 says:

    @omerhi: Agreed!

  3. ARP says:

    My guess is that the airlines will sue and try to get it overturn by some Federal Preemption argument. The current administration will agree and it will all go out the window in favor of “voluntary” programs. Or, the Feds will pass something, but it will be so watered down by lobbyist controlled Republicans, that it will be a borderline voluntary program or have enough holes to drive a bus through them.

    Wow, I’ve even depressed myself with my cynicism.

  4. chocxtc says:

    While your cynicism is warranted, let’s hope THIS time things will be different. I bet if more and more states adopt or propose this legislation the lobbyists will not have enough power and not enough of them will crawl outta the cracks to sway lawmakers. At least I hope so!!!