EB Games Charges Two Different Prices For Same Game

A copy of “Digital Devil Saga 2” will cost you $19.99 at EB games. Or maybe it will cost you $29.99. Who knows! Depends on which one you’re lucky enough to grab off the wall. Price mistakes like this happen all the time and there’s not enough Weights and Measures people to catch them all. Maybe we can turns all these various price errors into a hit new gameshow. We’ll call it, “The Price Is Wrong,” and Kevin James, from “The King of Queens,” following the same career path as Drew Carey, can host.

(Photo: lo.fiboy)


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  1. Jaysyn was banned for: https://consumerist.com/5032912/the-subprime-meltdown-will-be-nothing-compared-to-the-prime-meltdown#c7042646 says:

    I see this a lot online at Gogamer.com. Usually one of them is an import or in a slimline jewel case with only a electronic manual.

    Also, I once got a copy of Starcraft: Broodwar for 1.49 instead of 14.99 because it was mislabled & it was obvious I wasn’t swapping pricetags or anything.

  2. Maldron says:

    Looks like the same SKU number, are we sure this isn’t just a price change sticker that wasn’t put on both copies?

    Digital, by the way. Small typo, nothing more.

  3. 0x3 says:

    The game is called Digital Devil Saga, and 20$ is cheap considering I saw it for 54$ the other day. The same thing as above happened to me with FFIII, I paid 20$ for a used copy and there was a 24$ version right next to it.

  4. JomeyQ says:

    They have the same UPC code, you’ll pay the same for either. Given the fact that an EB has thousands of items which frequently undergo price changes, it’s not hard to see why they might miss a copy while relabling.

    All of that’s beside the point, though, as they don’t just punch the price in at the register, they scan the UPC. The box could be labeled at a million dollars, but you pay whatever the current price is. If anything, you’ll pay less than the price on the label, as prices of games don’t usually go up.

    I don’t really see why this is a story

  5. shipwreck says:

    This game dropped in price from $29.99 to $19.99 sometime within the past couple of weeks at GameStop/EB. This is just a simple case of them not changing the pricetag.

  6. ArmyofJuan says:

    If you broght the more expensive copy to the counter it should ring up as the new cheaper price since it would be in the system.

    This game was probably just overlooked during price changes.

  7. KidU says:

    This could also be a case of EB letting their workers “rent” a new game and then still selling it new even though it is used. I bought a game like that the other day (also a SMT game oddly enough) that was labeled new and was below regular price but had obviously been played before.

  8. sleepydumbdude says:

    I’ve had games ring up cheaper several times at EB/gamestop. I’ve never been over charged or had them try to over charge me either. The ones I go to are pretty good at giving you the cheapest price.

  9. shipwreck says:

    It’s not the case in this instance. A used copy of Digital Devil Saga is $17.99.

  10. Kirbytheslayer: In-Kirby XMB says:

    Nah. They just charge you the cheaper price. It happened when I bought Dragon Quest 8. It was only $20, but the price tag said $30 on some. When I went up to the counter with the $30 copy, they only charged me $20.

  11. KidU says:

    @shipwreck: DDS 2 I think you mean. DDS is rare as hell. I know they charged me $60 (USED!!!) for a similarly rare Atlus PS2 game (Nocturne).

  12. shipwreck says:

    Yes, I just forgot to put the 2 at the end, but I meant DDS2. A bunch of Atlus games dropped in price a couple of weeks ago at GameStop and DDS2 was one of them.

  13. MercuryPDX says:

    Wait…. why is he showing us his Verizon face?

  14. Infoclast says:

    These articles are worthless. Pricing mistakes do happen. All the time. I bet you could find similar examples every single time you walk into any store.

  15. unklegwar says:

    Happens all the time. Not news. Grab the cheap one and move along. I’ve seen it there, at Best Buy (surprise!), and other places. Simple mistake. Price changed, didn’t get stuck on all packages.

  16. Communist_Gamer says:

    Common occurence. Like seeing the pre-owned one at a more expensive price than the new one. Heck, its not even that major news. Explanation to why its news worthy?

  17. Tako Attack says:

    That happens at the gamestop I work at. But regardless of what the sticker shows, the games will still ring up at a standard price. If you’re curious as to which price is most recent, just look at the number to the right of the sku. It’s actually the date that the sticker was printed off.

  18. BStu says:

    This is just human error and not nearly the problem of the “charge more for open-box” policy at some stores which is not an error but an oversight in the policy that can be corrected.

    This is just a price drop that didn’t make it on one copy. These aren’t the dark ages. They scan it and you pay what’s in the computer which in cases like this will always be the lower price. If for some reason it isn’t, I’ve never had a problem getting it at the marked price and I think that’s even the law here in Massachusetts.

  19. evslin says:

    What’s the problem? So some kid making a few hairs above minimum wage forgot to tag one game with an updated price.

  20. bige311 says:

    slow news day consumerist?

  21. oldtaku says:

    Yeah, this is totally common at Gamestop. The price drops and they’re too lazy to re-mark the boxes. You’ll often see used games going for more than new games, etc. Just make sure it rings you up for the lower price.

  22. TechnoDestructo says:

    @KidU: That “we’ll release a game in 2 parts that you need to play the first one to get the second” crap didn’t work so well, I guess.

    No one knew WTF DDS1 was until it was too late, and then no one bought DDS2 because they didn’t play DDS1.

  23. foxbat2500 says:

    I am very familiar with Gamestop/EB’s system. The price is changed by SKU # in the system. This is just a price tage issue. Very common problem as they have so many games and price drops are frequent.

  24. bingojones99 says:

    Each price sticker at gamestop also includes the date it was printed, located in the top right corner. Usually, the lower price is the correct one and the fact that the 19.99 sticker has a more recent date confirms this.

  25. bingojones99 says:

    Also, if they do charge the higher price, just show them the cheapest price sticker and tell them to give it to you at that price.

  26. Porksoda101 says:

    if you look on the right top side you can see a bunch of numbers, thats the date. the price of the 29.99 is in the month of november and the other in december. so the price did drop regardless of which one you scan.

  27. Jigen says:

    At best buy a few days ago I noticed some DVD boxset for two different prices. Same exact thing, both brand new, different prices. Can’t remember what dvd set it was, just that it was few over from Dr. Katz.

  28. Infoclast says:

    @Jigen: Astounding, now that you’ve weighed in on the matter we have the evidence we need to stick it to the establishment and their so-called “Pricing mistakes.” Thank you Jigen, thank you.

  29. just_paranoid says:

    eb games is terrible

  30. TheHeartless says:

    Okay, well, I worked at a Game Crazy for the better part of the year and as it turns out, when price changes come through in the morning print-outs, the responsible people might not be on duty, and the irresponsible people might just not care enough to re-price the existing copies on the wall. Under the proper UPC it should scan at the lower price regardless so there isn’t such a big issue other than misguidance, and even then it’s the fault of one or two incompetent employees, not the whole store.

  31. godawgs7 says:

    dear lord. What is wrong w/ his eyes? they’re looking into my soul.

  32. fourzerotwo says:

    Regardless of what the “Price” says on it, the UPC is what matters, and it will ring up for the actual price “Lowest”, this is just a case of the employee on duty during the price change / ticket print not putting it on the existing copies. Hardly article worthy, and standard pretty much at any retail store.

  33. crXss says:

    yea how the hell is this a story? they have the same UPC so it’ll always take on the cheaper price… it’s just that employees there are too lazy to print out a sticker and put on a new one, just check the dates on the right hand side of the sticker

  34. Trowble (XBL/PSN) says:

    EB Games would have gone with the higher price.

  35. The Yam! says:

    Uh…the dates on those barcodes represent a 1-month spread. Most likely the case is that a copy went un-changed between November and December, as the December price sticker is 19.99. As others have already stated it wouldn’t make a difference in the end…scan’em both and they’d both come up at 19.99. It’s not that uncommon to see this, nor strange. Slow news day I guess…

  36. forgottenpassword says:

    FU MANCHU!!!!!

  37. Shadowfire says:

    @sarusa: Too… lazy? Really? You had to go there? I mean… really?

    Blame the corporation, not the employees. There are too few hours to go around, and the stores can’t get all the work done. There’s two cases out there, they tagged one, didn’t see the other one, and didn’t have the time to thoroughly check the entire store for extra display copies. It happens, and you’re being kind of a cock.

  38. fuenke says:

    Picked up Final Fantasy Tactics Advance at an EB in 2005. It was labelled $15.99 on the price tag which elicited a WTF from the employee. The other ones on the shelf were labelled $39.99.

  39. Guizzy says:

    You know what I’ve seen recently? A shop here in Montréal (Game Buzz) selling Sneak King for 19,99$.

  40. chaos242 says:

    I see this ALL the time at my local GameStops. I always make sure to locate a few copies of the game before purchasing it to compare prices. You should too.

  41. Ajh says:

    @TechnoDestructo:And then there’s people like me that knew what it was but were out of the country or otherwise unable to buy the game and watched it slip through their fingers..and had to pay lots to get it.

    I’ve seen the price thing too, I just grab the lower priced one and continue on if it’s busy. If it’s dead in the store i’ll take the higher priced one over to show the manager.

  42. Manji Kengo says:

    uh….it’s the lower price. don’t be stupid.

  43. Manji Kengo says:

    it’s easy to tell, look at the dates.

  44. kingme says:

    LoL!!! Earlier I was at EB Games and saw the Motorstorm for 39.99 and 49.99 lmfao…

  45. RogueSophist says:

    I hate to jump on the “this isn’t news” bandwagon but, well, it’s not. It’s not even particularly interesting. Prices change. Sometimes the tags, by accident, don’t. People make mistakes, even at stores that are generally despised for shady business practices and poor customer service. There’s a bar code on the sticker. You’re going to pay the lower price. In the exceedingly rare instances where the price of a game has risen, you can probably convince them to sell it to you for the price on the sticker.

    Everybody wins, except for the people who take…unfortunate…pics of themselves and are immortalized on popular consumer rights websites. Oh, and those of us who have to look at them.

  46. Manji Kengo says:

    @kingme: soooooooooo funny.

  47. Justcrim says:

    I think this is pretty bad reporting. Look at the picture. The tags are nearly a month a part. And if you have ever been to a Gamestop or EB Games, then you have seen this before in Used games. All you do is ask the clerk why the prices are different and they flat out tell you, the lowest price is the price for both of them. They just missed the update on the higher priced one. 1 simple call to any Gamestop or EB Games would have told you that.

    But whatever, just continue this “shock n awe” reporting to get people to visit your site more. Just gets smart people like myself to visit you less. Hope for your sake that evens out.

    PS- for those who have bad eyes, the date on the $29.99 game says 111007 and the $19.99 game says 120707. Since the sku is obviously on the left (281205?) that makes those other numbers obviously dates.

  48. awesomerobot says:

    This isn’t news or even interesting. Someone trades in a game, the price has dropped – gets a sticker with a lower price than previous copies. Same thing will happen with shipments of new games – same sku; the lower price prevails despite sticker. It’s just a matter of being unable to update every copy of a game sometimes (except employees are really supposed to do it)

  49. brackynews says:

    @justcrim: Yeahhh, this article is like “A Current Affair.” Remember that ol’ chestnut? Anyway, I call bullshit, and I’m disappointed that Kotaku linked it.

    I’ve found GAME DISCS in open display boxes, and rather than rip off a crappy company, I just quietly hand them to the clerk, who usually hasn’t been on the job more than a couple months. Wanna launch a 3-part investigation into that?

  50. Wubbytoes says:

    I see that all the time at the Gamestop stores that I go to.

  51. awesomerobot says:

    On further thought – I’m kind of upset about this being reported as it is. This isn’t cable news with the “OMG those bastards rip you off all the time come watch us to find out how!”

    There is no scheme here – the SKU’s are the same regardless of the price listed on the actual sticker.

    The proper thing to do would to edit the article.

  52. burningranger01 says:

    I got a almost brandspanking new dual shock ps2 controler this way for like $3 I hope gamestop & EB keeps lota these tards around.

  53. awesomerobot says:


    You got the controller for 3 dollars because some idiot put the wrong product sticker on it altogether – if it had the proper SKU for the controller it would of rang up the normal price despite the displayed sticker price.

    I don’t understand what people are missing here – the SKU describes what the item is to the computer and THE COMPUTER DICTATES THE CURRENT PRICE (which is a frequently updated list maintained by the corporate offices) – the actual readable price on the package is just there for the consumers are serves no other purpose.

  54. MBZ321 says:

    It’s hard to see the numbers on the bar code but they look the same. You should have had the clerk scan both of them to see if there was a price difference.

  55. Pornosaur says:

    Not really an error but I laughed at the Target the other day that had the “limited editon” Tony Hawk proving ground for the 360 on an end cap with a $25 price while the regular one was still in the case for $59. Too bad Tony Hawk games will never be fun for me after Skate.

  56. RvLeshrac says:


    Except that they haven’t done this since the class-action suit that covered Gamestop.

  57. uppitycracker says:

    Okay, before I moved on to bigger, better places, this is how Game Crazy did things, because seeing this sounds awfully familiar.

    When those pesky little price change sheets would come in, they would get trashed. When a person grabbed a game, say GTA Vice City, which was still marked at say 29.99, but our price in the computer rang to say 7.99, we would tell them “If you get our membership today, you’ll actually save some money today, blah blah blah”. Or if it was about a 5 dollar difference, maybe just a bit more, tell them they qualify for a “free preorder”, which was absolute BS. If they said know, ring it up anyway and give them a hand-written receipt. “Oh, our printer is down”. And just basically manually price everything up in the computer if we needed to even things out. Just about every game crazy does it, and so do most game stops around here. I never could stoop to that level, which is why I never made it in the company. But what do you expect when you hire people at 7 dollars an hour, promise them commission if they make some sales, and tell them they’re canned if they dont.

    Oh, and yes, if you find two copies, they’ll say the lowest price is the right one. But if you dont, well…

  58. AJcorex says:

    I used to work at GameStop and this is probably the stupidest post I’ve ever seen. Thousands of games get priced, and you nit-pick over one mess up.

    Use you’re time a little more productively eh? If you’d look closely, the sku’s are the exact same, so they’d ring up the same, be it $19.99 or $29.99. If a $10 difference is that big a deal, maybe you shouldn’t be buying games in the first place.

    GOD I hate bitchy customers that bring this shit up.

  59. NeoAkira says:

    I’ve seen a used GBA game priced higher than a new one before; I figured it was because the game was so shitty that people would want to pay more for one with some of the game already completed.

  60. Firstborn Dragon says:

    Well, had this happen to me just a few days ago in the local EB. Only slightly diffrent.

    Picked up a copy of Odimon off the shelf, tag said 10$. Bought a used copy 2 days earlier for 15, came WITHOUT the mike needed to play it.

    Suspected it was a pricing error, but went to get it anyways.

    It ran up at 59.99. NOT the 9.99 of the copy. (Both BTW were used.) Pointed it out, they gave it to me for 10.

    Frankly consider something like that more newsworthy they a missed tag. Hell, they may have 10 display boxes out. And price changes come in huge batches. You REALLY think that the employees have time to change each and EVERY sticker, especially if they get busy?

  61. screamingslave says:

    Um, the price just dropped on that game, one has the new sticker, one doesn’t. You can’t already see there are, like, 8 price stickers under the top one already? Wow, what a discovery.

  62. ShadowFalls says:

    The one messed up part about Gamestop is how they sell “The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition” For Gamecube. On the case it clearly says “Not for Resale” But they sell it anyways. How can you set a price on an item which never had a MSRP at any time?

  63. NutManIV says:

    This happened to me yesterday. It was at gamestop(which owns EB so same deal) and it was BFME 2 for the 360. One used copy was $28 and one was $25. I picked up the box with the $25 pricetag looking to save a few bucks and to my surprise it ended up being cheaper than expected. It rang up $20. I think they just forget to change some of the price tags after the prices change.

  64. coren says:

    @ShadowFalls: Supply and demand. Hence a used game going for more than it ever cost new (another game in this series, Nocturne, does. Hell, they sell a PS1 game for over 60 too).

    I’m surprised this game isn’t as rare as DDS1, which you’re lucky to see go for 40 used on ebay right now.

  65. KagaSakai says:

    Not only is this a lame article, but that guy looks like a serial rapist. He probably thought he was so cool too. “Wooo look at me with these two different priced games! Quick, take a picture. Someone call my mom! I’m about to take down GameStop!”

  66. Ray308win says:

    What is with all these useless “Simple Mistake” stories on Consumerist lately? It’s just a mistagged item, nothing more. Now, if the Represenative present told the customer that he would have to charge the prices as marked, that’s a different story… but this? This is useless info. It happens every day, every store, everywhere, regardless of what company who who works there… it’s just a Simple Mistake.

  67. Sentientv2 says:

    Yea, the sku number looks the same. This happens a lot when a price drop occurs and they don’t catch every copy out on the shelves. I should know as I used to work at a Software Etc. back in the day and sometimes you can’t locate the case to put a new sticker on it.

  68. notBowen says:

    This is stupid. It will ring up for the correct price, or if the price was raised we’ll price correct if the sticker you brought up said lower.

  69. RocketChump says:

    They will give you the correct price, most likely the lowest one.

    My favorite part, they wont ever hesitate to give you the right price even if it is less. But the second a price is a DOLLAR too high, most customers throw a bitch-fit. They could just as easily discount it to the price displayed, mind you they dont have to do that because its not false advertising, since it is in-store. But they will do it if you ask nicely.

  70. epionx111 says:

    oh yeah, smash brothers melee is 34.99 used, while the normal price is 29.99

  71. coren says:

    @epionx111: Up AGAIN? Jeez, that game keeps rising in price despite a new one being out in about a month.

  72. KJones says:

    When I see two like that, I bring both to the counter and only buy one.

    I pay for the lower price, but take the item with the higher price tag so the lower priced item is left in the store. Unless the store swap tags, that leaves the lower priced item for the next customer.

  73. DanGarion says:

    Another cutting edge article from Consumerist. I don’t know what I would do without you guys…

  74. ADAM says:

    When I’m in EB and spot one of these errors I try and point it out so some parent (like myself) doesn’t get burned paying to much… that being said I recently pointed out a pricing error on a PSP game (2 copies of MoH: Heroes, one had the SKU for MoH: Heroes-19.99 and one with the SKU for MoH: Heroes 2-39.99) at my local EB… when I went back I was happy to see that both copies were mislabeled and mispriced… yay EB!

  75. Alazar says:

    This happens all the time in a shop I go to in Norway. When I was going to buy Half-Life 2 Episode 1, there where three different prices; 599NOK, 299NOK and 99NOK. All three had the same content. Guess which one I picked. :P

  76. FessLove says:

    What a terrible story. OMG!!! A price tag didnt get updated!!! BOYCOTT EB!!!! Don’t be rediculous, this doesn’t even count as a story. Plus, that dudes freaking me out.

  77. aphexacid says:

    this is a really, really lame story. i cant believe that its not obvious why this happened.

  78. Yeah any self respecting EB/Game Stop would give you the cheeper price any way. Why is this even wasting space on the section of the world wide web?

  79. evilonion says:

    I see this all the time at EB, among both new and used games. The really irritating thing about EB is the price of their used games. For more recent releases, I can almost always find a brand new copy at another retailer cheaper than a used copy at EB.
    Plus, the EB by house marked their Wii Zappers up to $29.99 just before Christmas. Two weeks earlier they were $19.99 there.

  80. Leminnes says:

    @Consumerist and Evilonion: First of all, that is a Gamestop. EB Games no longer exists as Gamestop consumed them. Second, I work at a Gamestop. Also, the zapper was on sale for a week for $19.99. As for the games at the top, the prices change all the time but Gamestop has nothing to do with it. We are told by the distributor what to price the new games. Gamestop Corporate only decides what to price the used games.

    Just for future reference, I don’t completely agree with all of Gamestop’s business practices but I completely admire them as an employer. It’s a wonderful job to have and after all that hullabaloo about the Game Informer subscriptions and the pre-orders they got rid of those employee requirements, which is nice.

    Either way, probably what happened with those two games is that one was probably older and priced differently at the time the newer one came in. It will still ring up the same when scanned.

  81. Firstborn Dragon says:

    @Leminnes: Actually no, EB Games STILL DOSE EXSIST!

    Just that they are owned by the same upper level company.

    Just like Best buy and Future shop.

    Maybe they aim to replace em all to Gamestop by they are far away from that point.

  82. Leminnes says:

    @Firstborn: They exist in sparsity. Either way, Gamestop and EB Games completely merged and announced that all EB Games were going to be renamed Gamestop (which is a better name anyway.)

    “Upon its closing, the agreement will see the two companies merge operations under the GameStop banner, which will then fly over 3,200 stores in the US and 600 others in Europe and Australasia. However, to not disrupt plans for the 2005 holiday season, no changes will be made in either company’s organization until 2006. Then, in mall locations where there is duplication in retail outlets, store closings will follow “when appropriate,” according to a GameStop official.” – [www.gamespot.com]

  83. glater says:

    This happens at Gamestop and Gamecrazy both. I was just in Gamestop today and saw Ghost Recon for $15 and $20, and GR2 for $20, $25, and $35. The accessory I bought for my DS (an extra battery) was sticker priced at $7.99 and shelf-priced at $4.99. I got the $4.99 price when I showed it to them, but still. At Gamecrazy I saw a few EA sports titles (i forget which ones) running from $10 to $40 for the same game, including case and instruction book, and all used. One game alone had FOUR different prices. Do these companies not have inventory management that tells them when they have the same item priced multiple times, or what? Moral: when buying a used game check for multiple copies. You may not be getting the lowest.

  84. montrealfilmguy says:

    this is all good and stuff,price mistakes,etc,etc..

    except here in Montreal,just had a buddy of mine try and buy a LOTR games we saw last week for 9.99.
    This week we go to the store,all the copies are now 24.99 except the one at the very top of the racks.

    We were thinking how that special edition LOTR game was an awesome deal complete with the making-of and the game soundtrack for nine ninety FREAKIN nine.

    The manager,who is for sure the Oscar winner for most sulky faced being in Montreal and surely the inspiration for Thurl Ravenscroft’s song “Youre a mean one,Mr.Grinch”
    says he doesnt know of any law that recognises the mistake made by a store when the price tag is wrong.
    (A law CONFIRMED by the two other stores here in Mtl.)
    And adding insult to injury,he says he’s NEVER seen that in his store ..are you ready?..AS HE’S SCRATCHING THE 9.99 TAG RIGHT IN FRONT OF US
    (Good GAWD man,have you no shame)

    We got hold of the district manager who we give multiple props to for getting back to us only 2 days after the incident AND on a Sunday night.BRAVO!!

    He apologized profusely,say we could get the game tomorrow for 9.99 and said he’d have a talk this week with Mr.Sulkypants.

    Talk about righting a wrong!!
    My buddy and i are SSOOOOOOOO impressed.

  85. montrealfilmguy says:

    Well,this is all good and stuff,price mistakes,the store admitting the mistake and selling you the low-priced one…except when it DOESNT happen.

    This week ,my buddy and i show up at a store here in Montreal(we still have at 3 EB games stores) looking for a 9.99 LOTR game complete with making-of and game soundtrack we saw last week.

    This week all the copies are changed to 24.99,BUT they forgot a copy way at the top of the racks(still 9.99)

    The manager who is the Oscar winner for sulkiest face every year and probably the inspiration for Thurl Ravenscroft’s song “Youre a mean one,Mr.Grinch”
    says he doesnt know any such policy.One CONFIRMED by the 2 other stores.
    Adding insult to injury,he says hes never seen it in his store…are you ready ?….AS HE’S SCRATCHING THE 9.99 TAG on the box we gave him.

    We contacted the district manager who got back to us only 2 days after the incident AND on a Sunday night.

    1.He apologized profusely.
    2.He said we could pick the game for 9.99 tomorrow
    3.He mentioned he was going to have a meeting with Mr.Sulkypants this week (oh! to be a fly on the wall)

    Full props to EB games for righting a wrong!!!

    Very impressed.Very.

  86. I find the headline to this at least misleading and possibly a lie. Was this guy actually charged two different prices or were there just two different price stickers he found. I’m certain it’s the latter. It’s fear mongering like this that could possibly ruin the credibility of a normally solid website. If this small error is blown that out of proportion I wonder how many of your other stories are.

  87. Vielle84 says:

    This is just a simple case of the employees forgetting to re-price the older sticker. I’ve worked at GameStop for several months now and I see cases of this all the time. If you take it to the counter, you’ll see that the computer rings it up for the most recent price because it’s categorized by SKU, not price. If it turns out that the lower price was indeed the older one, you’ll get to pay the cheaper price.

  88. gamaliel says:

    @montrealfilmguy: I fail to see how the second iteration of the post improves on the first.

  89. enderx says:


    It’s a story because ALL CORPS are BAD GUYS and this blog must post post post EVERYTHING that everyone else does wrong.


    Apparently companies can’t make mistakes.

  90. montrealfilmguy says:

    it was my first post.
    when i clicked submit it would just dissapear,so i did it again,hence 2 posts of the same thing.

    guess it was a consumerist hiccup.

  91. drjayphd says:

    @ShadowFalls: Pick a number and start adding zeroes?

  92. ShadowFalls says:


    ahh, but you are missing the point, this game was never sold separately, therefore it could never be sold for more than it was new as it never even had an original price tag.

    That game in particular came with a Gamecube console and should have been sold as such. I wouldn’t be surprised if they give you next to nothing to turn around and sell it for over $40.

  93. evilonion says:

    Actually, in Canada it’s still EB.