SUV Sales Remain Strong In U.S. Despite Gas Prices

We guess the sort of person who wants a luxury SUV isn’t too concerned about the idea of gas approaching $3.50 a gallon in the coming months, because sales have only dropped 0.9% over the past year, reports BusinessWeek. “‘For a high-dollar car, people with that level of discretionary income can absorb gas fluctuations,’ says Brinley of AutoData.” But it’s not just the filthy rich who have SUV-fever: sales of small SUVs have increased by 22.7%.

“There are buyers for whom, that’s the vehicle they still want, for what their needs are, and gas prices won’t deter everyone,” says Stephanie Brinley, senior manager for product analysis at Tustin (Calif.)-based AutoPacific.

“Surprisingly Strong SUV Sales” [BusinessWeek]
(Photo: Getty)

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