Sprint Gives Itself The Runaround

Reader Rob tells us that the CSRs manning the Sprint Consumerist Hotline get the same runaround you do when they try to talk to other departments of their own company.

We’re not sure if this is distressing, or oddly comforting.

Rob writes (emphasis ours):

I wanted to write in to tell of a positive experience I had using the Sprint Consumerist Hotline. I spoke with a very knowledgeable associate named Shondra [redacted]. She listened to my issue, and then immediately started working through all of the red tape to get it resolved. The whole process took nearly 2 weeks, but she kept me throughly informed of the status of my case and in the end, was able to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. Before resorting to calling this support line, I had called the regular support line, and was passed around to several departments, and several hangups. Shondra was always patient with me, and only became impatient when talking to other departments within Sprint that wanted to argue about insignificant details rather than focus on the issue at hand. I was able to listen in a couple of times as she spoke with the porting department, and was amazed at the amount of run-around she was given by people in her own company. Thanks Consumerist, and thank you Shondra!

Rob S

Readers far and wide can skip the normal CSRs and go straight to the executive customer service team at Sprint by calling the hotline at (703-433-4401). Tell ’em the Consumerist says “Hi!”


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