Sprint Gives Itself The Runaround

Reader Rob tells us that the CSRs manning the Sprint Consumerist Hotline get the same runaround you do when they try to talk to other departments of their own company.

We’re not sure if this is distressing, or oddly comforting.

Rob writes (emphasis ours):

I wanted to write in to tell of a positive experience I had using the Sprint Consumerist Hotline. I spoke with a very knowledgeable associate named Shondra [redacted]. She listened to my issue, and then immediately started working through all of the red tape to get it resolved. The whole process took nearly 2 weeks, but she kept me throughly informed of the status of my case and in the end, was able to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. Before resorting to calling this support line, I had called the regular support line, and was passed around to several departments, and several hangups. Shondra was always patient with me, and only became impatient when talking to other departments within Sprint that wanted to argue about insignificant details rather than focus on the issue at hand. I was able to listen in a couple of times as she spoke with the porting department, and was amazed at the amount of run-around she was given by people in her own company. Thanks Consumerist, and thank you Shondra!

Rob S

Readers far and wide can skip the normal CSRs and go straight to the executive customer service team at Sprint by calling the hotline at (703-433-4401). Tell ’em the Consumerist says “Hi!”



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  1. r4__ says:

    I’d say it’s distressing but amusing, but that’s because I have T-Mobile.

  2. DallasDMD says:

    Well, I think it would be in everyone’s interests that you exhaust your patience with the regular CSRs first before going to the executive hotline.

  3. skadoo323 says:

    No wonder it took me an hour and a half on the phone in order to get several of my lines disconnected w/o any ETF due to their new fee changes.

  4. DeeJayQueue says:

    A friend of mine used to work for Sprint, he could tell you the exact same thing re: the people on the other end of the phone. They don’t care if you’re an employee or a customer or the CEO. They only care that you’re interrupting their game of solitaire and want no part in helping you get what you called for.

  5. fluiddruid says:

    It doesn’t surprise me. I was a manager in a Sprint/Nextel call center, and if we had an issue that had to go to a different department, it was just as frustrating – we were in the same queues, with the same holds, reaching the same agents, as any customer. It was maddening, plus, those agents wouldn’t be afraid to hang up on another employee the way they would with a customer.

  6. bufftbone says:

    My brother has been having problems. They deleted his pictures he has posted through Sprints picture site. Neither the normal csr lines or the consumerist hotline have been able to help him

  7. LoLoAGoGo says:

    The hotline is AMAZING! Got me out of my ETF and ensured I could transfer my number to a new carrier before the end of my contract. When I told them about my service experince with both their Insurance people and their store they offered to get me a brand new phone if I stayed as well.

  8. chili_dog says:

    It’s absolutely true. I am a dealer and even when I call the dealer support line (You know the help desk for SALES) even I get surly reps, wrong answers and even hung-up on.

    I’d rather sell T-mobile, but unfortunately Sprint works better for my business model.

  9. Cyfun says:

    Props to Shondra for seeing it through. CSRs who are willing to do that are modern-day saints. It sure would be cool if someone could send her a link to this page.

  10. Parting says:

    You should write to Sprint about the great job she did for you.

    CSRrs often get complaints, so your praise will be very appreciated.

  11. maxreactor says:

    @chouchou: I submitted this article and I did send an email to Shondra thanking her and included a link to this page.

  12. loka1975 says:

    OMG! I also spoke to Shondra! It was on 12/19 and I was cancelling my service with no ETF. She was awesome! She had to call over to the regular CSRs to do so and they insisted to her that they couldn’t cancel without an ETF. She said, “Did you hear what department I’m calling from?” and the rep said, “Yes, and I can’t cancel without an ETF until after January 1st.” Shondra then asked for her supervisor and we got transferred to a voicemail. She was livid! I am a teacher and class was about to start, so she said I could hang up and then called a CSR back. Within 10 minutes I had a call back from Shondra saying that everything was taken care of.

    Sprint needs all of their CSRs to treat their customers like Shondra… I was impressed!

  13. algormortis says:

    One of my friends got Shondra the other day in dealing with a problem with Sprint. I’d pointed her to the Consumerist for the number and info.

    She performed wonderfully, clearing up a billing issue (being charged for the wrong plan…) that had been nagging my friend’s account for months.

    (See, I don’t tell all my friends they want T-Mo because I work for them! Plus she needs analog backup, so Sprint it is. I think Sprint’s call quality is pretty good and I certainly think a CDMA HTC Touch is kind of awesome.)