Contact Time Warner Cable Northeast Ohio Executive Customer Service

Stephen R. Fry, Division President
ph: 330-633-9203
fax: 330-633-7970
Time Warner Cable, Northeast Ohio Division
530 S. Main St., Ste. 1751
Akron, OH 44311

(Photo: Maulleigh)


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  1. citybuddha says:

    Thanks, Where you FOUR HOURS AGO when I first got put on hold.

  2. luminus says:

    Does anyone else hope that the man answering this is also the man reading the harry potter books on audio? Jeeves, that is.

    That’d make my customer service call a much more joyous experience.

  3. maxwaver says:

    I don’t understand why this was posted here?

  4. dantsea says:

    @maxwaver: For reference purposes, most likely. If you click on the Executive Customer Service tag under the post’s timestamp, you’ll see that this links to a treasure trove of similar contacts for a wide range of companies. It’s nice to have that information when it’s really, really needed.

  5. Beld says:

    Wish I would have had it when they tried to push a “deal” twice the price advertised on their website to my parents while denying that a different price existed. While escalation solved the issue, it took the better part of a week with me sitting on hold to get it straightened out.

  6. Scooter says:

    @luminus: I’m just wondering which cable company Hugh Laurie is heading up these days.

  7. Paul_Blackstone says:

    This could come in handy…

    I live in NE Ohio and my Time Warner Cable service has been down for almost 2 weeks now. Do they seem concerned? No. Have they been helpful getting the problem fixed? No. Will I have to fight to the death to get credit for all this down time? Probably.

    Anyone in this area had any experience with the alternatives, because TWC service is absolutely laughable.

  8. Josh Smith says:

    Any chance other readers have the contact info for Northwest and mid ohio?

    I have a phantom cable box right now that i am being charged for.

    Supposedly I got it in September and it is now being charged and ordering movies on its own.

  9. LadyCarolineLamb says:

    You are two months too late for me! We had the Time Warner (Akron area) experience FROM HELL. I love how they have a long history of being “no-shows” for repairs (for “all day appointments”, and then automatically schedule you for another “all day appt” at their discretion, whether or not you are avail). I finally had to take my equipment to the local office (TWINSBURG) in order to CANCEL, but of course they could only check the equip in, not let you settle your bill or adjust anything. Have to go to N. Canton office for that (hour away). We are soooo happy with DirecTV (do NOT confuse with DISH! Very diff companies). They are GREAT locally for sure and their cust service is ADULT and Professional. Here is part of a post I made on a story the local paper had online. Of course, it was removed because they don’t want people knowing (as if they don’t) for fear of hurt to the local access channels:
    TWC is a company long known for its complete and utter void of customer service (no matter what time of day or day of the week you call, you WILL receive a recording that you will receive a callback in an hour or more…only to have the apathetic young adult they have hired disconnect you because they aren’t allowed to reduce services, and aren’t paid enough to care. Then you hear silence and must start the vicious cycle all over again). For those unfamiliar with their practices, do a simple internet search if you have had the luck of not experiencing the same that so many have for years, due to their formerly monopolistic hold on communities across America. I have come to my LAST STRAW with them, finally, after several callbacks (only to be disconnected) about slow internet, pricing discrepancies, etc. I wasted two entire days of my life trying to sort out the simplest of matters with them. They are still under the impression they are a monopoly. Do the research peeople…cable tv is dying thanks to TWC, and companies like DIRECTTV (satellite, do NOT confuse with poor service Dish network)are stepping in to provide GOOD service to those repeatedly disserviced by TWC. They are doing this with Customer Service Reps who are exactly that…and a noticeable maturity. Satellite tv no longer has the quirks that plagued its rep in the past, and you will see by searching the net that their custmers are a million times happier than those of TWC.
    I am so happy to finally be free of TWC and the compacency that led me to believe that they were the only one, and the rumours they spread to disparage satellite. I have just switched to DirectTV with PLEASURE and to the new 6mbps (FAST!) DSL internet from Windstream, the local phone company. DO THE RESEARCH! I will NOT give one wasted cent more to TWC (not EVEN for basic broadcasting.
    –Happy to be FORMER TWC neglected “customer”

  10. kimberlyb1983 says:

    For the last year, maybe even two, at least once a week- if not daily- our cable goes all pixelated- choppy picture, stuttering voices. This can happen for hours, off and on, or just sporadically. It’s completely unwatchable, but conveniently the commercials always come through- which is extremely infuriating. So, we call Time Warner, which would seem easy enough right? Send someone out to fix it- and voila! presto change-o! Not exactly…

    Calling Time Warner might as well be like calling the Pope. After sitting on hold for twenty five minutes, each time a new service representative encounters an already aggrevated Rob and Kim. We calmly and accurately explain our situation, and include that we’ve been through this many times. Each time the representative instructs us to unplug our box, reboot, yaddah yaddah which takes another twenty five minutes. Then after that doesn’t work she’ll offer to send a technician out. (So, there’s one hour wasted–each time we call. X 4 in the last two months—plus all the countless other times last year, but we’ll give TWC the benefit of doubt)

    Next, we are told the soonest a tech can come is Friday. (We called Tuesday morning.) Okay, then, fine. Friday will have to work. (Guess I won’t watch TV til then. Perhaps my bill can start on Friday after it’s fixed? No such luck.)

    Then, we have to clear a 4 hour window on Friday for the cable guy to come. 4 hours X 4 visits=16 hours + the previous 4 hours on the phone… 20 hours so far..dealing with TWC, not including the waiting for 4 more days for help to actually arrive.

    Like I said, we have had technicians out 4 times in the last two months to try and find a solution.
    First, we were told- when it’s cold outside you’ll have that sometimes
    Then, we were told, when there is a high usage in our area, you’ll have that
    Next, we were told to change our splitter and cable lines
    Next, we were told to change our cable box
    Next, after sending out a “Master Technician” we were told to open our closets and doors- to “let the cable breathe.” WTF?
    Now, I’m sitting here PISSED! Trying to watch American Idol- and it’s still unwatchable. Time Warner is the only service provider in my area, trust me I would LOVE to have some other company- ANY OTHER COMPANY.

  11. kimberlyb1983 says:

    Guess what day today is? FRIDAY! aka The day the cable guy is supposed to come and fix the horrid service problems I’ve been experiening with my new arch nemesis, Time Warner Cable. YAY! But, unfortunately for them, I have nothing good to say- again. But luckily for you, my headache is your entertainment.

    First off, yesterday, I received “a friendly reminder” cell phone call to pay our bill. *RARRR!* Pay my bill? For the cable that I can’t watch? For the cable you still haven’t fixed?! That just tipped my scale.

    So, today, I woke up about 9am. The tech guy was scheduled to come between 10am and 2pm. My husband checks his cell phone around 9:45, and there’s a message from Time Warner. “We’ve been ringing your doorbell, banging on your door and calling your house since 9 am…”

    Okay, I don’t even have a doorbell. And me not hearing them bang on my door or call the phone right next to my head? This would maybe be likely if I was in a coma, and my gigantic dog downstairs- somehow went deaf. She barks whenever anyone bangs on the door. And if this so called service call was between 10 & 2, why were you here at 9 am?

    Another 20 minutes on hold, relaying all our information- AGAIN-The customer service lady checks the account. “Sir, it says here that the job has been completed and the problem has been remedied.”

    Tell that to my TV.

    So needless to say, no one came, no one fixed the problem, and Time Warner still can’t get it right on the 5th try. Now, where on earth would you or I get five chances to do something right? especially at our job?

    So, now we’re waiting til MONDAY. Wish us luck. Well, wish Time Warner luck. I’m not going away. This is just plain wrong.

  12. kimberlyb1983 says:

    I’ll take any help I can get. I’m searching for a manager, supervisor, or executive to contact at TWC Mid-Ohio.