Man finds rare purple pearl in $10 order of steamed clams. Finally a “found something in my food” story with a happy ending. [NPR]


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  1. bigat says:

    I wonder if the restaurant will try to claim it as they own it. Better yet I wonder if the customer can sue the restaurant for foreign material in his food.

  2. Dibbler says:

    I didn’t read the article but if I’m not mistaken, oyster produce pearls, not clams.

  3. Dibbler says:

    Ok, did some research and found this: “Virtually all bivalved mollusks, including clams, are capable of secreting a calcareous pearl of sorts, but only those species that contain an iridescent, nacre, known as mother-of-pearl, can produce pearls that have commercial value. Clam shells do not contain nacre; hence, their pearls lack luster and are of relatively little value. Pearls resembling white or purple beads are occasion- ally found in the bay quahog, or hard clam (Mercenaria mercenaria), and may bring as much as $35 on the market, according to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science Manne Resource Bulletin.”

  4. cde says:

    @bigat: They’ll sue under the guise of “mis-laden” property, when we all know the person who paid for the food has a legit claim under treasure trove (common)law that some judges are refusing to submit to…

  5. ekthesy says:


    No, they meant steamed HAMS.

  6. Rusted says:

    @bigat: No, it’s his pearl as he paid for the meal and hence the clam the pearl came in.