Ben Popken On Fox Business News Chatting About FICO '08

Here’s the clip of yours truly, Ben Popken, on Fox Business News discussing some of the changes in store for FICO ’08, the credit-scoring system lenders use to determine how punitive a rate they get to charge you. You may notice that I have a strange look on my face at the beginning. That’s because I was trying to put on a winning smile for when the camera went over to me but my face was twitching like Elvis’ lip and so I tried to go for a sideways grin but it didn’t come out quite right. For how FICO ’08 could affect your credit score, check out this post.

At the end we mess up and tell people to go to for your credit score but then catch ourselves and say you can go directly to for your score. It’s important when trying to buy your credit score to read all the fine print because a lot of different places try to sign you up for a credit monitoring service that charges a monthly fee (including Check out this post, especially the comments, for places to get your score. Some credit cards will even give you your score for free. The other important thing to remember is that FICO ’08 has only been distributed to one of the three credit bureaus so far, it may not be until later this year that these changes will fully go into effect.


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  1. siskamariesophie says:

    Great job, Ben! I did feel you were a tad sexist when only mentioning how women piggy-back onto their husbands’ accounts and may now need to set up their own accounts. Women have an equal opportunity to marry deadbeats, ya know!

  2. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    Awesome job, Ben!! For some reason I always thought you looked like “Tom” from MySpace before this!! Anyway, glad to have watched this.

  3. vanillabean says:

    Good job! Nice for someone who doesn’t go on tv a lot (I liked how your reigned in your jazz hands!) I would have been crapping my pants.

  4. snoop-blog says:

    i will never watch fox news.

  5. faust1200 says:

    @vanillabean: Jazz hands, lol! Nice job, Ben! I was really hoping for the Members Only jacket, though.

  6. mantari says:

    The Dick Cheney half-smile plays well on the Republican Business Channel. :)

  7. KittensRCute! says:

    SISKAMARIESOPHIE – you need to watch the video again. he didnt say only woman do this, he was saying for example as women who piggyback on their husbands need to get their own credit. just saying thats how i heard it.

  8. Ben Popken says:

    @siskamariesophie: I just meant that oftentimes women are frequently listed as authorized users on their husbands accounts and so they will need to make sure they’re developing their own credit histories.

  9. weg1978 says:

    You need to sit up straighter next time…it looks like they have you in a barcalounger. Also, this statement is hardly balanced, “Here’s the clip of yours truly, Ben Popken, on Fox Business News discussing some of the changes in store for FICO ’08, the credit-scoring system lenders use to determine how punitive a rate they get to charge you.”

    I think the word choice could be a lot better.

  10. dmolavi says: looks to be a free trial then recurring fee service as well. how is that different from the other services?

  11. jkaufman101 says:

    I would like to have seen this live, but Comcast doesn’t offer FBN in San Francisco. Probably a good thing though, since I hate Fox.

  12. says:

    aww ben you look a little nervous!

    relax! only 752389678246727654622629809609350 people were watching!

  13. mammalpants says:

    awesome! now you can say that youre associated with Fox and win the hearts and minds of TRILLIONS.

  14. DJShay says:

    Glad to see you on the tube, but I really wish it was on a network other than Fox. Oh well.

  15. i am boycotting fox news for not inviting ron paul

  16. Elviswasntmyhero says:

    Fox News Channel(s) is to news what George W. Bush is to American credibility in global affairs.

  17. Sherryness says:

    Good job! And the freeze frame looks a bit like Matthew McConaghey (sp?) I had always envisioned Ben to look like Joel from MST3K.

  18. fredmertz says:

    #1 rule of television interviews: pass gas before or after the interview — not right at the beginning.

  19. Ann-Marie says:

    A new site set to launch next month will give you a really free credit report AND score. No catches, no signing you up for other services, no barrage of phone calls, no obligations… seriously! It’s called Quizzle. Sign up now to be notified when it goes live: []

  20. Namilia says:

    @Petrarch1603: Ron Paul does not have an icicle’s chance in hell of getting elected when it gets down to it.

    Honestly, of all the people I’ve talked to, the Ron Paul supporters are *generally* the rudest lot as well as the most fanatical and most illogical.

    On topic, good job, Ben!