Time Warner Cable Promises To Credit You For The Random Bill

Hey Consumerists, you helped Chris with his “random” Time Warner Bill:

I wanted to follow up about the ‘Time Warner Cable Sends You A Random Bill, Can’t Explain Why’ tip I sent in. A Consumerist reader suggested I contact the N. Dallas Time Warner president and provided his email. I did on Sunday (yesterday) and received a call today (Monday) from Barbara at his office.

Barbara was exceptionally helpful and friendly and was able to shed more light onto the bill. She thought it was due to the fiasco I encountered when I moved, as they created a new account by accident which was immediately closed. A charge was put there and then moved back to my old account, instead of my new one.

Anyways, she couldn’t verify if I had paid it or not, but basically told me even if I had she would credit me for my trouble. Barbara kicks ass. She was one of the most helpful people I’ve ever dealt with and deserves an award or maybe a large cash bonus.

Thanks for the help!


Hear that, TWC? Give Barbara lots of money, because she kicks ass.



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  1. MPHinPgh says:

    Oh, if only there were more Barbara’s in the world…

  2. darkened says:

    Listen up corporate America, this is how you make happy customers that will actually support your brand. It doesn’t take some fancy marketing plan, it means doing the right thing and subtracting a couple of charges off the bottom line.

    Sure you might have lost out $50 from the charges, but do you want to leave them with that bad taste in their mouth? Especially with FIOS TV not too far off, I’m glad one company gets it atleast.

    Now if only they’d empower the call center to originally have made this decision instead of the customer needing to jump through a flaming hoop.

  3. pestie says:

    @MPHinPgh: And fewer misused apostrophes.

  4. socalrob of the 24 and a half century says:

    Even losing $50 from one customer is better than that getting $50 from that customer, but he tells 2 friends and they tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends…. Eventually it ends up on here and thousands of people read it and may just end up dropping the service. So $50 loss is better than thousands in the long run.

    At least thats what I told AT&T when they started screwing me over. I said “I have lots of friends and family that use your service that will leave if you continue business like this”. Their constant $8 mistake would have cost them $5-10k a month from all the plans my friends who are data and PDA/iPhone happy have.

  5. MPHinPgh says:

    @pestie: I stand corrected.

  6. ATTSlave says:

    @socalrob: The reps generally don’t care
    what you have to say they will either throw money at you and not really
    fix the problem or just cancel your account as quickly as possible.
    They just want to get you off the line because they have over 100 other
    calls in queue that have been waiting for 30 minutes or more. It’s hard
    to empower the average call center employee to do the right thing when
    the volume is so high and the pressure from the supervisors is to get
    the customer off the phone as quickly as possible. Unfortunately they
    will never spend the money needed to hire more agents to actually
    handle the calls properly.

  7. maximeyocks says:

    Please please please write Barbara a Thank You letter! People don’t do that anymore and maybe if they did people would know there helpfulness was appreciated and continue doing so. It makes everyone feel good and may get her a cash bonus *wink.

  8. rochec says:

    I wrote the division president to tell him how awesome she was and how I was so blown away after the service I’ve come to expect from them. Hopefully he actually reads it and at least says thanks for making me look good.

  9. rochec says:


    Just read your comment. I did the second I hung up. I actually wrote to the president, where she got my first message. So I assume she reads them.

  10. Paul_Blackstone says:

    Maybe there is hope for Time Warner Cable? My TWC service has been out for almost 8 days now. Time Warner claims the earliest someone can come out and fix it is Friday January 4th. Thats almost 2 weeks without service. I’m sure getting credit for the downtime will be a nightmare, but the fact that it takes them so long to get the service back up and running is what infuriates me the most. Oh and after speaking to 4 different reps on the phone; they are all rude and clueless (despite my patience) and nothing like Barbara was described…

  11. coren says:

    I’d go a step further and find the address for her and send her a physical letter, or her boss one.

  12. rochec says:


    As much as I appreciate her, she was doing her job. It shouldn’t be unusual to encounter service like this. Sadly it is, but she correct an error, she didn’t save my life.

    Know what I mean?

  13. tomcatv1 says:

    “She was one of the most helpful people I’ve ever dealt with and deserves an award or maybe a large cash bonus…”
    Sorry to say, doing her job will probably get her a demotion and less salary. Helping your customers is not a way to make your profit margin.

  14. rochec says:


    Except the fact if she hadn’t helped me and at least provided where the charge was coming from I would have canceled my account. Her crediting me $25 saves them at least 10x that with my account.

    Sure I’m only one account, but there are numerous problems daily, if they aren’t handled well in most cases the company loses it’s customer. That is not the way to make profit margin either.

  15. JDBarrington says:

    I hear a lot of complaints online by customers due to service calls. Im a TWC service tech in the MidOhio ( columbus) area and, although it sucks to wait, if you have a trouble issue at hand, sometimes when there are a lot, us techs get way too many jobs in a day and they back up. We’d rather schedule a feasable amount of work daily then have techs late and pissing people off more. A tip though… tell them you’ll switch to someone on the phone and our lovely (define: shit-tastic) customer service dept will probably up the ante on your service call as much as possible.

  16. cableonesucks says:

    I can appreciate correcting a problem like that, but it doesn’t fix the core of the issue.

    SORRY doesn’t cut it when that is used as their way out of problems. I for one am sick of sorry for the slow service, sorry for the wait, sorry about your problem, sorry doesn’t cut it.

    I for one am sick of sorry and I am sure the people on the phones like Barbara are sick of having to use sorry as much as they do. I would like a penny for every time a company uses the word sorry.