Time Warner Cable Promises To Credit You For The Random Bill

Hey Consumerists, you helped Chris with his “random” Time Warner Bill:

I wanted to follow up about the ‘Time Warner Cable Sends You A Random Bill, Can’t Explain Why’ tip I sent in. A Consumerist reader suggested I contact the N. Dallas Time Warner president and provided his email. I did on Sunday (yesterday) and received a call today (Monday) from Barbara at his office.

Barbara was exceptionally helpful and friendly and was able to shed more light onto the bill. She thought it was due to the fiasco I encountered when I moved, as they created a new account by accident which was immediately closed. A charge was put there and then moved back to my old account, instead of my new one.

Anyways, she couldn’t verify if I had paid it or not, but basically told me even if I had she would credit me for my trouble. Barbara kicks ass. She was one of the most helpful people I’ve ever dealt with and deserves an award or maybe a large cash bonus.

Thanks for the help!


Hear that, TWC? Give Barbara lots of money, because she kicks ass.


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