The Consumerist's Top 10 Products Of 2007!

2007 was an amazing year for consumer products and we covered them all! From the hype of the iPhone to death-flavored pet food, if you buy it, we’ve probably got an opinion about it.

That’s why this year we’re going out of our way to salute the best of the best. Without further ado… The 10 most amazing, useful, awesome, stupendous products of 2007!

10. Ladders. Perfectly designed for reaching stuff that’s too high. Need a can of soup that’s on the top shelf? Use a ladder! The one drawback to ladders is that you can fall off of them and kill yourself. Were it not for this small flaw, we’re sure ladders would be much higher on the list.

9. Internet. The internet is an excellent tool with many uses. For example, you can type your opinions in list form, post them, and then watch as people from all over the world disagree with you in nearly infinite variations. Believe it or not, some people make a pretty good living doing this.

8. Shoes. Shoes are a product we at the Consumerist use almost every single day. The productivity boost we get from shoes is unmatched. Without them, it takes a lot longer to do even simple tasks such as walking to the store.

best5.jpg7. The Spork. We ask you: What other utensil so deftly handles not only turkey, but stuffing and mashed potatoes as well?

6. Olive Oil. Olive Oil is not only delicious, if you felt like it, you could burn it in a lamp and light your house. Or make soap.

5. Notebooks And Pens. Have you ever had an idea? Or maybe you needed to remember something? What you need is a product that allows you to input data and store it for later. That way, you can free your mind to wonder if Monet would have been worth a damn if he hadn’t had cataracts. We give you “Notebooks” and “Pens.” They’re easy to use right out of the box, considering you’ve probably had at least 12 years of relevant training provided by our fine education system.

best4.jpg4. Simple Machines. Who doesn’t love the inclined plane? So useful for loading things in and out of trucks and entering and exiting buildings. The wheel and axle is another winner, and a wedge can stop a door for you when nothing else will do. Simple machines, we salute you.

3. Coffee & Tea.
Neither coffee, nor tea has calories. Both contain caffeine. That’s really all we have to say about it.

best2.jpg2. Baking Soda. Baking soda is not only an excellent leavening agent, after you’re done eating the yummy biscuits you just made…you can brush your teeth with it. Or clean your produce. Or get a weird smell off of your hands. Or make a science project.

best1.jpg1. Vinegar. Yes, vinegar is the winner. You can use it to make pickles or you can clean your coffee pot with it. You could make salad dressing, or you could clean your counter tops and deodorize your garbage disposal. Vinegar rules!

What simple DRM-free, EULA-free, ETF-free products do you appreciate?

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