This Bag Of Chopped Spinach Needs More Bird Feathers

Zach’s wife found a bird feather in a bag of 365 Chopped Spinach. When she called Whole Foods to complain, a bird-brained employee quipped “You’d be surprised at how much stuff people find in their food!”

Zach writes:

My wife just opened a bag of spinach she bought at Whole Foods. As she was draining it, she found a bird feather (she’s a biologist, so we’re confident in her finding).

We’ve got stock in Whole Foods too, so we have no axe to grind, but were a little upset at how the customer service rep handled it (no concern about feathers being in other bags, saying “you’d be surprised at how much stuff people find in their food”).

What happened when she returned the plumery greens to the store?

To complete the story, the next day my wife returned the feathered spinach to Whole Foods. The manager said that they’d pulled the spinach from the shelf and notified other area stores about the problem. My wife confirmed that there was no frozen chopped spinach available in the store. When she asked a person stocking shelves where she could find it, he said it’d been pulled. So the problem had been communicated to the staff too.

The manager offered to reimburse my wife for the purchase, but quickly realized that it cost all of $1.50, so he gave her a $25 gift certificate.

Good save by the manager, but still, how did a bird feather land in a bag of chopped spinach?



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