Skybus Repairs Its Planes, Resumes Flying

Discount airline Skybus has resumed flying after 2 broken planes caused them to cancel 18 flights over the holiday weekend, says USAToday:

Maintenance problems on two planes caused the flight cancellations both days, said Bob Tenenbaum, a Skybus spokesman. A door problem on one plane and repairs to a damaged fuselage on a second plane were finished in time to return the jets to operation today.

The airline was offering refunds for flights that were canceled and was making efforts to rebook travelers on later Skybus flights. But Skybus was unable to transfer passengers to flights on other airlines because it does not have agreements with other carriers, Tenenbaum said.

The airline apologized to customers whose Christmas travel plans were ruined.

“This is terribly unfortunate, and the timing also is very unfortunate. I think people get accustomed to travel disruptions, but nobody likes to see them around Christmas,” Tenenbaum said.

You’ll remember Skybus as the super-cheap “a la carte” carrier that flies to and from Ohio.

Skybus resumes full schedule after 2 planes repaired [USAToday]


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  1. BlondeGrlz says:

    My in-laws learned the hard way that if Skybus’s planes aren’t flying, they can’t put you on someone elses. Luckily that was in the snowstorm the weekend before Christmas and not the actual holiday. Southwest’s flights were delayed, not cancelled, and they had seats available – but Skybus can’t help.

  2. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    On a percentage basis, they’re still doing better than United!

  3. jkaufman101 says:

    I’m sure Skybus passengers weren’t too happy when they tried to contact the airline for alternate arrangements and found out Skybus doesn’t even have a customer-service number to call. Ha.

  4. cashmerewhore says:

    @jkaufman101: Skybus states on their website that if your flight is cancelled, there is nothing they can/will do other than attempt to put you on their next flight to that location (in this situation, it was a flight two days later).

    They recommend that you purchase trip insurance to cover non-refundable expenses you may miss if they are not in service that day.

    I had no problems when I flew skybus. And I can’t complain, I got two round-trip tickets for $20/each. That’s better than Southwest’s ding fares.

  5. cashmerewhore says:

    They also don’t have a fleet of airplanes since they are still “new” (they were just licensed to fly in May). Some of their fleet is still rental jets from other airlines. When I flew in August, they had two new planes. The flight to a location then becomes to return flight to Columbus/Greensboro/Boston-area. So, if that flight is delayed/cancelled then so is the flight back.