Miss Your Plane And US Airways Cancels Your Return Flight, Offers No Compensation

Reader Chad is at the airport right now and boy is he angry at US Airways.

I have a lovely story that I hope you’ll run about our favorite industry… Airlines 🙂

I’m on a blackberry so forgive my typing.

On December 10th I booked a flight with “US airways” to Ohio from Fort Lauderdale, FL all went well and I actually landed a decent price ($300) for my round trip ticket. I was supposed to fly in the 23rd and fly out the 27th. On the 12th my friend let me know he was moving north and would be driving up. Being the buddy I am I agreed to accompany him on his trek and help with driving (19.5 hours on the road). This meant I would leave town on the 20th… 3 days before my scheduled flight.

The drive was long and tiring but we made it in 1 shot and I was in Ohio before my flight ever departed. The 23rd came and went no phone calls, no emails, no nadda from any of the parties involved. Today is the 27th and as I stand in Dayton OH and my flight leaves without me I have decided to write you my story.

See apparently if you book a round trip ticket and miss part of the flight “US airways” cancels all other flights related to said flight without notification. As if this isn’t a bit of a shock, they also refuse to issue a refund or credit towards other flights… They did say the would roll the cost into another ticket, it would only cost me another $300 after fines and differences in price! What a deal…

I passed on such a wonderful offer after pleading with them they informed me that my scheduled flight was full, so even though my ticket was cancelled… even if it wasn’t, I couldn’t get on the plane anyway. So they had sold the same seat to 2 people… How is this industry is so broke with business tactics like this I will never know.

I ended up booking another flight at another airport with another airline (US airways will never get another dollar from me). In my 2 hours of down time I decided to give them a call and see if I couldn’t at least get credit towards a future flight… Or maybe my money back.

I went through 4 supervisors and at least 2 call centers, once I was threatened with a hang up for losing my cool. Long story short I’m out $300. The last lady who helped me was by far the nicest however she wouldn’t cop a deal either. I tried various routes… I just wanted “something” for my $300… And I don’t mean a headache or phone thuggery. I tried getting 150 packets of $2 peanuts, maybe 300 pairs of disposable ear phones… Or maybe a credit voucher for a flight… Or maybe some money back. All without result.

In closing to our conversation I told her “I hope you enjoy your $300 because I will never fly your airline again, and I’ll make sure to let everyone know of my joyous experience… I hope this costs you thousands, happy holidays.”

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work guys!

-Chad Seaman

We’ve heard of airlines canceling return flights if the customer misses the plane, but it seems really harsh to try to charge the poor guy another $300! Any seasoned travelers have advice for Chad?


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