Crazy Realtor Torments Rival With Sex Ads

Well, this just further proves that real estate is the meanest profession. Dean “Cookie Kwan” Isenberg was arrested a week ago and charged with “posting fake escort ads on the Internet using a rival’s phone numbers, sparking hundreds of raunchy calls” and text messages to the woman and her daughter. The victim, Debbie Blasberg, was a former coworker of Isenberg’s who had “closed on a property he had been trying to sell.”

One of Blasberg’s gentleman callers told her he’d found her number on Craigslist after she started crying (that must have been an awkward conversation).

Blasberg hired attorney Leah Mayersohn and private investigator Robert Crispin, who worked with Craigslist to take the ads down — though they kept reappearing.

The ads had been completed using a Yahoo e-mail created in Blasberg’s name.

Crispin quickly narrowed suspects to Isenberg. He began covertly digging through Isenberg’s trash, usually about 4 a.m.

The key evidence, Crispin said, was a calender [sic] page with an IP address that matched one used to create the Yahoo account.

“Cops bust Realtor over raunchy dirty trick” []
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  1. PracticalMagic says:

    I don’t know if that’s how he always looks, but most certainly wouldn’t do ANY business with someone that has a face like that! He’s scary looking!

  2. Tank says:

    there’s a reason to post craigslist ads from the library.

  3. youbastid says:

    Seriously, I’m not a spelling/grammar nazi, but this site is turning me in to one. Former coworker, not formal. Surge, not serge. Calendar, not calender (I know that was the Herald’s fault, but throw a [sic] in there!)

  4. SBR249 says:


    I imagine he wouldn’t have needed to resort that method if he’d applied his creativity towards his job.

  5. DrGirlfriend says:

    his nickname was Cookie Kwan??

  6. crazyflanger says:

    Thats funny…I wish they left the adds up, I want some sex.

  7. Ideapimp says:

    At least come up with an original idea. Doesn’t anyone remember the movie “Hackers?” I mean, it wasn’t that great of a flick, but it had Angelina in it when she was a hot little 20 something.

  8. Antediluvian says:

    @DrGirlfriend: Yes. It’s possibly an explanation as to why he’s so competitive — “Cookie Kwan” translates (loosely) to “eyes bulge with west-side sales prowess”.

    What I don’t know (the article is silent) is whether he got the nickname before or after he went into real estate.

  9. Chris Walters says:

    Uh… I gave him the nickname. It just seemed appropriate, what with his possessive/competitive streak. I’m not sure Kwan would have ever resorted to sex ads against Marge, though.

  10. WraithSama says:


    It’s a reference to a Simpson’s character. A middled-aged Asian real estate agent that lashes out at other agents who think about going near her turf.

    Cookie Kwan: #1 on the west side.
    “Stay out of west side!”

  11. Antediluvian says:

    Not to worry people, I’ve already explained it’s origin”


  12. DrGirlfriend says:

    D’oh, now I see that it was a joke. I read it too literally and thought it was his real nickname. Heh.

  13. Antediluvian says:

    @Antediluvian: And I’m obviously still drunk from ‘nog that elves spilled on my keyboard affecting my ‘ and ” key.

  14. Antediluvian says:


  15. DeeJayQueue says:

    “Disappointed white male, crossdresser, seeks special friend to bring dreams to reality. Leather, lace, watersports a plus. Transvestites welcome.”

  16. Hoss says:

    I shutter to think what the lawyer and investigator charged for all this work. Hope she can recover the costs through a civil suit; although she’d then need to spend even more with some risk on losing

  17. phospholipid says:

    @DeeJayQueue: watersports? what the deuce… wait a second.. oh.. thats wrong.

  18. Benny Gesserit says:

    @DeeJayQueue: I’d have added “Can supply own calving gloves.”

  19. Curiosity says:

    I share your shudder.
    I am curious what most people would think the reasonable “price tag” to stop such harassment (which was wrong in the first place).

  20. Sonnymooks says:


    Not sure how much he has that she can get, but he almost guaranteed will be losing his real estate license.

    I’d still recommend she sue him (and his wife) for anything and everything she can get.

  21. headon says:

    ahhhh she prolly had it coming

  22. coren says:

    Why would anyone write their IP on a page from a calendar? Am I alone in not understanding that?

    And yes, if you’re going to use Craigslist for revenge, make the ad at a public terminal with an email used solely for that purpose. Not that I would, but it would serve some jerk right for lying to me and leaving me stand out in the cold for two hours waiting to make a deal that never happened…

  23. DeeJayQueue says:

    @phospholipid: @Jim (The Canuck One):

    that was the personal ad that the Hackers Hacked for Special Agent Richard Gill in “Hackers”…

  24. JMH says:

    “That goat has devil eyes!”

  25. banmojo says:

    Ok, what part of “a formal coworker of Isenberg’s who had ‘closed on a property he had been trying to sell.'” don’t MOST Of you get?? She F$#@ED him in the a@#, so he paid her back in a somewhat funny way. SHE should be the one on the receiving end of a civil lawsuit, imo. There’s LITTLE integrity around these days, and at least this guy approached the situation with a sense of humor! SHEESH!!

  26. B says:

    @cwalters: Is he #1 on the East Side?

  27. DrGirlfriend says:

    @B: It’s lighthearted to advertise someone as a prostitute?

  28. Imaginary_Friend says:

    “Some callers asked her 11-year-old daughter for sexual favors. Blasberg was swamped with text messages propositioning her.”

    @Banmojo: Reading comprehension FTW.

  29. Andrew says:


    1. Who signs up for anything online with their own name?
    2. Who uses an e-mail registered in their name to do things like this?
    3. Who prints out a calendar with their IP address on it and why?

    And finally,
    4. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

  30. UpsetPanda says:

    @Andrew: No one signed up with Craig’s List or anything else in their own name. Isenberg created the Yahoo e-mail address and the Craig’s List account in Blasberg’s name. It looked like she was the one posting.

    As for his IP, I have no idea why he would print a calendar with his IP on it.

    This is a disgusting “joke” IMO. There’s nothing funny about getting back at someone by making a woman’s 11 year old daughter a victim. An adult woman can handle it, use law enforcement people and lawyers, but what can a child do to deal with this harassment?

  31. goodkitty says:

    While he may have been partially in the right for a little revenge, re-posting the ad 20 times was a bit much… and why didn’t he just use her mobile number, she’s a realtor, right? At least then it’s confined to business. Well, the pic explains much.

  32. Womblebug says:

    @banmojo: What the hell are you talking about? Realtors, even realtors who work in the same office, sell houses to whoever wants to buy them. If this guy’s buyer couldn’t close, there is no foul in someone else selling the house.

    And if you think this is in any way an appropriate response, even if there was a theft of sale (which I don’t believe there was), you need professional help.

  33. coren says:

    @banmojo: The “formal coworker” part. Are there informal coworkers too?

    Otherwise, I’m going to laugh at this comment like the joke that it is

    …it is a joke, right?

  34. Hoss says:

    @banmojo: The judge must have been rolling on the floor in laughter when
    (s)he set bail at $10,000.

  35. thalia says:


    or as my husband and I like to put it, “It’s got Angelina Jolie BEFORE she was Angelina Jolie!”