Crazy Realtor Torments Rival With Sex Ads

Well, this just further proves that real estate is the meanest profession. Dean “Cookie Kwan” Isenberg was arrested a week ago and charged with “posting fake escort ads on the Internet using a rival’s phone numbers, sparking hundreds of raunchy calls” and text messages to the woman and her daughter. The victim, Debbie Blasberg, was a former coworker of Isenberg’s who had “closed on a property he had been trying to sell.”

One of Blasberg’s gentleman callers told her he’d found her number on Craigslist after she started crying (that must have been an awkward conversation).

Blasberg hired attorney Leah Mayersohn and private investigator Robert Crispin, who worked with Craigslist to take the ads down — though they kept reappearing.

The ads had been completed using a Yahoo e-mail created in Blasberg’s name.

Crispin quickly narrowed suspects to Isenberg. He began covertly digging through Isenberg’s trash, usually about 4 a.m.

The key evidence, Crispin said, was a calender [sic] page with an IP address that matched one used to create the Yahoo account.

“Cops bust Realtor over raunchy dirty trick” []
(Thanks to Richard!)