Vonage Probably Owes AT&T $39 Million For Patent Infringement

Vonage has settled with AT&T over claims that the VOIP provider infringed on some patents held by the telecommunications giant.

The lawsuit was filed Oct 17. and a “tentative” settlement was reached a month later, supposedly for $39 million.

From PC World:

The settlement brings an unusually speedy end to the lawsuit, which was filed by AT&T on Oct. 17. It alleged Vonage wilfully infringed an AT&T patent related to telephone systems that allow people to make VoIP (voice-over-Internet Protocol) calls using standard telephone devices. A breakdown in talks between the two companies over the issue led to the lawsuit, said AT&T at the time.

Less than a month later, on Nov. 7, the two companies said they had tentatively agreed to a settlement. At that time Vonage said it would pay AT&T around US$39 million under the terms of the settlement.

Final terms were not disclosed on Friday when, in a brief statement, Vonage said the dispute had been settled.

I’m thinking of suing Vonage for patent infringement. Sure, I don’t even own any patents, but at this point they’re so busy handing out settlements, they’ll probably cut me a check for like $400,000 without even noticing that there’s no such company as “I’m Really Awesome Wireless, INC.”

AT&T, Vonage End Patent Feud [PC World]

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