People Who Buy First-Class Tickets On Discount Airlines Are Like…

benpopken: So let me bounce this off you
benpopken: A guy buys a first-class ticket on discount airliner AirTran, is he an asshole?
consumeristcarey: Only if he expects a sundae.
consumeristcarey: I can see why someone’s secretary might book the ticket.
consumeristcarey: But yeah, it’s a weird thing for anyone to do on their own.
benpopken: Well let’s kick it up a notch. Let’s say that a guy buys a first-class ticket on AirTran, and then when the steward is asking all the first-class passengers what they want to drink before take-off, he asks for a Grey Goose and cran…

benpopken: Does he now qualify as an asshole?
consumeristcarey: Getting warmer. How did he react when the steward told him that they appeared to be all out?
benpopken: Confused.
consumeristcarey: Asshole.
benpopken: Wonderful, I had that instinct when I saw it on the plane last night and wanted to make sure I wasn’t off-base.
benpopken: I guess that makes him a first-class asshole.

(Photo: mandolux)