DirecTV Just As Incompetent As Comcast

“I was one of the majority when it came to being fed up with Comcast. However, unlike most, I never had any of the customer service nightmares so often reported on consumer sites. My dissatisfaction with Comcast was purely based on what I felt was unfair pricing.

Our Comcast bill arrived in the mail on the 9th of this month and after a brief discussion, and a phone call to my father-in-law (asking him how he like his satellite service,) we decided we’d had enough. While I dialed Direct TV, my wife dialed Comcast. It would be our team effort to free ourselves from the service provider we’d loathed for so long. We were running into the arms of what we felt would be a kinder, gentler television provider.”

When I first spoke with a DTV CSR I wanted to name my father-in-law as our referral. When asked for his account number, I didn’t have it and I needed to call him. She (the CSR) told me that I could finish signing up first, then call back with his information at any time. She also told me that my installation could be done the next day. I was very excited.

The next day came, I took off work, no technician came. When I called DTV I was told that I was mistaken and a technician would be out in one week.

My next call to DTV was to follow up with my father-in-law’s account number for the referral. I was shocked to hear that what I was trying to do would not be allowed. I was told that notes would be made in my account, but my father-in-law may not receive any compensation.

On the 17th the technician arrived. His name was Chris, and he’s the best representation of Direct TV I’ve dealt with. He was prompt, professional, and I genuinely felt like he cared. He explained to me that because it was a windy day he wouldn’t be able to do the installation until a later date. I was so moved that he came out to deliver this message to me in person that I couldn’t be upset with him over this bad news. I was told to expect a call to reschedule and would most likely have TV again within the next couple days.

Today, after having not received any call to reschedule, I called to inquire. As it turns out, I have already been rescheduled without my knowledge for January 2nd. I needed the CSR to repeat the date. I simply couldn’t believe it. She told me I could call my local dispatch office but there was nothing she could do.

I called the dispatch office to find that they couldn’t do anything for me other than put my name on a “cancellation list”. I hung up the phone in disbelief. I thought about it “25 days without service” and apparently there’s nothing that anybody can do about it.

Finally, I called DTV customer service for the last time. Calmly and politely I exclaimed that I’d like to cancel my order. Then I hear nothing but silence from the other end. “are you still there?” I ask “yes, I’m still here” the CSR responds. Immediately I hear a loud tone followed by dialed numbers. I’m being re-connected elsewhere. A very chipper voice asks who she has the pleasure of speaking with, and I get to tell my story all over again. “Surely the premium service we provide will be worth the wait” she responds. I explain to her that I’ve had a taste of this “premium service” and I’d like no more. At this point I’ll beg for my DVR back from my local Comcast office. I’ll bet they’d have me hooked up in a couple of days. I go back on hold for what seems like an eternity before she returns to ask me if I’d like her to cancel my pending order. “Yes” I reply. “Will I be mailed a a confirmation of my cancellation?” “No, you’re order was simply ‘pending'” she says.

How true, and at that moment I realized that after spending this much time in anticipation of my new service, I never became more than just one of the thousands of “pending” contracts on Direct TV’s plate.

Having finished typing my story, I’m asking myself why I felt the need to send this email in the first place. I suppose I just needed to “unload” and “get it off my chest.” I feel better.


We’re glad you feel better and that you now know that large providers don’t differ from one another in any meaningful way. Comcast rapes your wallet, DirecTV seizes your calendar. It’s all the same. Time Warner and Cablevision are just as miserly, as are the telecoms. With the singleminded determination of a lusty teen, they see you only as a piece of cash.

So who deserves your business? Figure out who offers the features you want, and then haggle for the best price. To steel for a return to Comcast, pour yourself a stiff drink, read our confessions of a CSR, and prepare to tap our list of escalation numbers.

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  1. scoosdad says:

    “I thought about it “25 days without service” and apparently there’s nothing that anybody can do about it.”

    Then why on earth did you cancel Comcast first before getting DirecTV installed to your liking? Sounds like an impulsive, stupid thing to do.

  2. PracticalMagic says:

    We’ve been with Dish Network for approx. 10 yrs. now. We’ve never had any problems with them, whatsoever. We have had to replace our receiver twice in that time. We have automatic payment for it, and since we do, they send out a new receiver w/out us having to send in the old one first.

    Our installation was done on time, and on the date we have scheduled. Any time I’ve had questions, I’ve always been treated courteously. I’d go for them!!

    Oh and by the way, I just signed up for that 1 cent deal for cinemax. I had it w/in 5 min. of my call.

  3. chrisbacke says:

    Call me a cheapskate, call me a old-fashioned kind of guy, or call me weird… But why oh why do we have to have TV? When did “25 days without service” become intolerable? 25 days without power, yes, but without cable? I’ll take that $60 / month (or 70, or 80) and put it towards some other forms of entertainment… Alternatively, I could find whatever I want to watch on the internet, download to my computer, and connect that to the TV. Hard? There’s a little geekiness involved, but imagine the look on your friends face…

    You have options beyond the mega-corporations. Look for them and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  4. bmwloco says:

    I’ve had Direct TV for oh, close to a decade now.

    The service is good; I only get very rare “digitized fade” in high winds or driving rain.

    My one complaint is fee creep. For 4 years it was a reasonable $29 a month. Now, with a Tivo and locals, my bill is $58 monthly.

    Is it worth $1.87 give or take a day for service? No. But what are the alternatives? I like the locals, I like the fact that with Tivo I can ignore the inane commercials, and XM radio channels, though programmed through Clear Channel, are commercial free.

    On the up side, if I decide to disconnect or change my scheduling, I can do it via the web site. No muss, no fuss.

    It’s not a need, but a want. I may clip it for 6 months to see if I really want it.

  5. coan_net says:

    “25 days without service”.

    Well first rule with anything like this (TV, Phone, Internet, New Car, etc….)

    DO NOT cancel what you have until the new service or item is installed. I mean if you still had Comcast for 1 more month, would it have been such a big deal to wait for DTV?

    Think of it this way – is it better to be without the service, or possible pay for a few days of “overlapping” service?

    – – – – –

    We had DishTV at our old house but was slow in getting local channels, so we switched to DirecTV. (Guess what we did – we waited until our DirecTV was installed to cancel DishTV. I forget how long it took from first call to get installed – but I still had service so it was no big deal.)

  6. mexicantvdinner says:

    The other thing to do would be to call Comcast and hit the “Cancel Service” prompt. They’re usually given more leeway to work things out with you (and if you mention that you’re switching to another service, they’ll give you the biggest discounts).

    When my $55/mo cable+Internet+HBO deal ran out, the bill jumped to $140. I called, played the poor student card and got it cut to $70. The only downside is that the price isn’t locked in, so I’ll have to call in another six months but that’s ~$400 that can go to something more important than Comcast.

  7. waldy says:

    @chrisbacke: IAWTC. I’ve never had cable TV in my entire life and appear to still be breathing. I can understand being upset over lousy service, but “25 days without service” does not a crisis make.

  8. Panamapeter says:

    I get Directv Latin America and they will not supply nor will they allow us to buy our own Dolby receivers. They do offer to discontinue our service if we are not happy. Directv, take it or leave it. We will not improve it!

  9. Jthmeffy says:

    My wife and I have constantly been paying around $60 a month for cable+8mbcable+starz+hbo/showtime (depending on the deal) for coming on 3 yrs. We have mediacom. When our deals run out (six months to a year usually), we call and let the CSR know that we can either cancel, and have the spouse call in a day for that “New customer” discount, or they can just give it to us right then and there. They always just give it to us.

  10. marsneedsrabbits says:

    We’ve never had a problem, a delay in service, no issues at all. I’m sorry that you did. Maybe in a few months (when they aren’t experiencing high-volume holiday installations) you might consider giving them another chance. And to be on the safe side, don’t dump Comcast until the DirecTV is up & running.

    I can’t believe I just told someone not to dump Comcast.

  11. Oregon says:

    Once again the people that place comments on this site are far more amusing then the original posters. I love the perfect world that they live in. Never a grammatical mistake, never pay too much for any service or item. Always have the correct answer to any problem. Most always favor the big business if some original poster makes a spelling error. Well the comment section is good for one thing laughs..

  12. soulman901 says:

    Seriously, I don’t understand how any of you guys can put up with their crap. I feel sorry for you that you have to put up with it in the first place. I am glad that I am a Cox Communications customer.
    They have been nothing but perfect.

  13. chili_dog says:

    I’ve been with DirecTV for about 8 years now and the only problem I have is that you have to LEASE a HD Dvr from them.

  14. HooFoot says:

    I refuse to believe anything is more incompetent than Comcast.

  15. 44 in a Row says:

    Meanwhile, Cablevision just added ESPN2HD this week. Merry Christmas to me!

  16. almaden says:

    Like so many companies that subcontract out installation or service, there can be a big disconnect between the company and the local sub. I’ve been a DTV customer for 8 years, and did the “Mover’s Connection” about 6 months ago. DTV customer service was happy to take my order and schedule everything, including an HDDVR and new dish install 2 days after we moved in. Always fearing for the worst, I called at 2 weeks and 1 week before the install date and everything seemed fine. On the install date, no one showed up. I called DTV, and somehow the install date the subcontractor committed to had moved out 2 weeks. After being very insistent (but not rude) with DTV and the sub, two installers showed up the next day and did everything.

  17. sven.kirk says:

    I absolutely love DirecTV. The only problem I have with them, is that they use subcontractors to install for them. That means they have little to no control over them.

  18. faust1200 says:

    @HooFoot: My sentiments also.

  19. Lordstrom says:

    I say it all the time here and I’ll say it again. I don’t understand why anyone deals with any of these companies. Especially if you have broadband.

    Between itunes, the network websites, amazon, x-box live, there are plenty of ways to get your daily dose of garbage without a cable bill.

  20. XTC46 says:

    I have never had any trouble with Oceanic Cable (owned by time warner). They have always been quick to install, and quick to respond to problems. Their reps are friendly, and hold time aren’t very long (or you can get a call back if you don’t want to hold). When I moved into my new apartment (about 3 months ago) I called, they gave me a great price becasue of where I work, they scheduled the install for about 9 days later then added me to “cancel” list so if any appointments were canceled I could be bumped up. Sure enough, the day after I made my appointment, I received a call and got an earlier install date (2 days from then). They gave me a 3 hour window when the tech would be there. He called shortly before the window and let me know the hour he would be there, he arrived on time, finished quickly and was very polite. He even left me some extra CAT5 so I could hook up my router in addition to my desk. wonderful service from them.

    I have also had the same service on the business side of time warner. We have 25 T1 lines through them at various locations and have always received wonderful service.

  21. ogman says:

    Hahaha! As incompetent as Comcast? Not even close.

    I’ve been with Dish for a few months now and my stress level is way down. No more outages, no more lame excuses from rude incompetent employees. The one problem I did have was solved quickly and courteously. I wouldn’t go back to Comcast if they offered me the service free for 6 months. In fact, they don’t have enough money to get me to go back.

  22. damitaimee says:

    @chrisbacke: unfortunately, after ww2 there was so much prosperity that people all over this country bought crap like televisions. i think there are now something like 285 million televisions that are used in the U.S. it really creeps me out that an unneccessary item such as tv has become an absolute necessary form of entertainment. now, everyone wants cable. i don’t know anyone who doesn’t have cable except me….i’d much rather watch my shows online with the fee i pay for internet.

    i used to have dishnetwork…but when i moved i decided there is much better stuff in life than being treated like crap, not being able to choose which channels i like, and being overcharged. i have since found significantly more meaningful forms of entertainment.

  23. ivanthepig says:

    As per my previous comment on “Confessions of a Wii, PS3, iPhone Reseller”:

    “Dear America,

    Stop staring at computer/tv screens on your off time. Read a book.”

  24. WraithSama says:


    Indeed. Having moved midway across the country 6 months ago, I had to switch cable companies to the local carrier, Cox Communications. I must say, I’ve actually been quite impressed with them. Customer service has been great, no service outages, and their cable broadband is twice as fast as my old carrier for the same price. 1MB/sec downloads for $40/month? Yes, please!

  25. Ecoaster says:

    Wow… I’ve had Comcast for close to 2 years now and have never had a problem, and service outages and problems are extremely rare. I must be lucky or something but it’s true… probably varies widely on a regional basis.

  26. JeffM says:

    Get a wrench and get on the roof- problem solved! Seriously though, call Dish- if DirecTV isn’t doing it for you… don’t go groveling back to Comcast!

    Anyway… I’ve been with Dish for 7 years or so and have always found them to be pretty reasonable to deal with. I can’t afford to pay Comcast’s exorbitant rates- I still give Dish more money than I’d like (over $600/yr) but I like my HD come college football season. :(

  27. Buran says:

    @scoosdad: Incredible. The very FIRST POST blames the victim.

  28. Buran says:

    @chrisbacke: What is unimportant to you may not be unimportant to everyone. Yes, to many people TV is more vital than it is to many of us here. There’s nothing wrong with that, only something wrong with being judgmental about it.

  29. Buran says:

    @HooFoot: All companies will be great for some people and crappy for others. It’s very possible.

  30. Buran says:

    @ivanthepig: I watch a lot of geeky shows. But, before you start crowing about how much I suck for that, I just brought home another five library books. I’m a heavy library user; I pay the same amount in taxes every year no matter how much I use it, so I use it a lot. You can’t tie an admission of watching a lot of TV to not ever cracking a book or having other hobbies.

    Granted, a lot of what I watch is documentaries, but there’s nothing wrong with that either.

  31. coren says:

    @lorddave: I don’t know, I’d think that between paying for broadband, X-Box Live and then whatever Amazon and Itunes cost, you’d end up paying more a month than if you had a cable company.

    Nevermind that for a lot of us that broadband provider is of course, Comcast, which can have the same number of, if not more, issues as cable.

  32. ceriphim says:

    When did this thread go from “DirecTV just as icompetent as Comcast” to “All you slack-jawed yokel who watch TV are unenlightened”. Nobody cares if you got rid of your tv and now pen dramas in Ye Olde English using your homemade quill pen, crushed burned acorn ink, and redwood papyrus.

    Reality called, nobody cares.

  33. Gygax says:

    The best consistency I have ever experienced is with Comcast. By luck or competence the appointments were kept, the lines repaired, the services provided, and bills refunded when service was interrupted.

    Satellites – Direct TV and Dish – did not have the service level as the cables – but they were sure eager – promising installation dates that were not met, etc. The service would get static in storms or strong winds and you would experience some system crashes when using the menu – communication issues, sunspots? But not a terrible experience – I reserve that to our Telcos…

    Telcos…anyone remember all the sales calls during dinner? Telcos are a major reason for the DNC lists. The confusing calling plans – being charged several dollars for a call if you did not call at the right time of the day, weekend, or calling a local number that somehow is defined as long distance? Being charged parts and labor for line repairs because you did not buy Verizon’s line insurance plan? Odious FIOS! Telcos are the worst and have a long way to go to win back any market share – that is why I believe cable has the advantage with triple play and is winning phone customers to losing cable subscribers 20 to 1! People are not stupid – Telcos are stupid.

  34. DallasDMD says:

    @ceriphim: Yeah, those of us watching the boob tube are more in tune with reality! Yeah!

  35. DallasDMD says:

    @Buran: Yes, having a judgement about someone else is inherently wrong.

  36. kostia says:

    As a longtime DirecTV subscriber (coming up on eleven years), I believe the secret to getting good service from them is NEVER SCHEDULE AN INSTALL. Granted, I’m a renter, and granted, I only need TV in one room, but I have moved four times and every time I’ve “installed” the dish and wiring myself, with no hassles whatsoever. Right now the dish is bolted to my deck railing and the cable goes through my living room window straight to the DVR. Who needs an installer when there’s no mysterious box, no underground cables, no activation. It’s just a dish and your TV.

  37. Buran says:

    @DallasDMD: Pointing out that someone else is being judgmental is not in itself judgmental. It’s just the truth.

  38. Cary says:

    Here’s something to look forward to: DirecTV has already charged your credit card for your DVR and won’t refund the money.

    Call your credit card company now and file the dispute. Tell them you never received anything and ask that DirecTV provides proof of delivery.

    It was $400 for me for the HV-DVR and it took Mastercard about 2 weeks to issue a chargeback.

    BTW I’m less than thrilled with Dish but the service always works… something Time Warner can’t compete with.

  39. Dish Network is always available…

  40. LadyCarolineLamb says:

    After suffering through the standard “hour and a half callbacks” from Time Warner Cable, I did some research on other options (via many many reviews on the ‘net), and what I deduced was an overwhelming amount of happiness with DirecTV. There seemed to be an overwhelming amount of UNhappiness with Dish (and I notice that a lot of people confuse the two, as “Dish” seems to have become the generic term people use for satellite providers.
    I decided on DirecTV and I have to say, my experience was so good it was almost surreal. I got immediate answers on the phone AND email from really professional, MATURE people…such a huge difference from the apathy at Time Warner! I got a really great deal that included all movie channels and a FREE (unleased) DVR.
    Sorry your experience was bad, we just love them. I know they have to contract with dish installers, so that service probably varies by location, but contacting them directly has been a great relief for us formerly tied to TWC.

  41. firesign says:

    except for fee creep, which all the companies are guilty of, i have had no problems with time warner cable ever. just sayin.

  42. Do you live in an apartment? No? So why are you bothering waiting for DTV to hook you up? It ain’t rocket science to put up a dish.

    I’ve had DTV for 11 years (yes, I did a self-install), and my only complaint is my market is too small to get the locals, and since I use the digital OTA signal, I can’t TiVo or tape anything on my locals. That sucks, but it’s worth it to not deal with Comcast.

  43. Nick says:

    @BaysideWrestling: I agree. It is not at all difficult to install DTV by yourself. Go to a store that carries the equipment, and I’d be willing to bet there is some special for free equipment with new service. Go home and install the stuff (I’ve even installed it in an apartment before, but I had a southern-facing balcony), and you’ll be up and running in an hour.

  44. scoosdad says:

    @Buran: Thanks, just saving you the effort!

  45. savdavid says:

    I have been with DirecTV since April. My only problem with them is NOT a small one. Whenever it rains moderately or the wind blows hard I lose the signal, sometimes for hours. I thought of going to Comcast but I hear so many bad things on this site about it. Perhaps Dish is better?

  46. Lordstrom says:

    @coren: But unlike cable, broadband serves a much stronger purpose than simply delivering television.

  47. drjayphd says:

    @ceriphim: The nanosecond our dear editor typed the letters “TV”.

  48. ogman says:

    @savdavid: I’ve been with Dish for a while now, through rain, snow, wind, etc. and have not lost the signal once. It’s great! Beat the heck out of Comcast.

  49. Rode2008 says:

    I was a very satisfied DirecTV user until I bought an HD TV set and was told that I’d have to shell out over $400 for HD programming – not to mention the monthly access fee. This was BEFORE they even offered an HD DVR. It seems I was going to need a new type of dish, the installation, and the purchase of the HD receiver. This was about 2 yrs. ago. I went to Comcast (which was offering a “Dish Buyback” promotion and gave me $300 for ditching the dish.

    I’ve flirted with going back to DirecTV many times – the most recent of which was aobut 2 months ago. They still require that I shell out $300 or $400 for the HD DVR. They actually promoted that as a advantage over staying with and leasing the HD DVR from Comcast. They told me with DirecTV, I OWN the HD DVR versus paying monthly lease fees. I told them that I do NOT see that as an advantage (own vs. lease) since by leasing, I have, in effect, a lifetime warranty on my HD DVR because if it fails, I merely go to my local Comcast site and immediately pick up a new one. When I asked the DirecTV rep what happens if the HD DVR I buy fails during the warranty period (1 yr.), they replied I’d have to send it back for repair or replacement (this would consume a great deal of time). Outside the 1 yr. warranty – I would have to shell out another $300 or $400 for a replacement. Consider the payback for a $300 or $400 cash outlay with DirecTV. Compare it to the relatively modest monthly lease through Comcast. It does not take a financial analyst to figure out that monthly leasing (for a lifetime warranty with immediate resolution if you encounter a problem) is the wiser choice. I told them “Thanks, but no thanks+ I’ll stick with the lifetime warranty under Comcast.

    When or if DirecTV ever leases or gives away the HD DVRs I would consider going back to them. until then…’s Comcast for me. I haven’t had any real problems with them……yet.

    Has anyone had any luck getting a free HD DVR – or obtaining a leasing arrangement comparable in price to cable for the HD DVR? If so, please let me know. I would likely go for it – that’s how please I was with DirecTV.

  50. Rode2008 says:

    BTW – their DirecTV/s rationale for charging customers $300 to $400 for the HD DVR was that in reality, they cost a lot more than that – they are being “good guys” and subsidizing some of the cost.

    This frightened me even more because it led me to believe that if the one I bought died outside the 1 yr. warranty period I would be shelling out significantly more than the original $300 – 400.

    How the hell much do those things cost anyway? How reliable are they?

  51. LadyCarolineLamb says:

    With our DirecTV we have never ever had a problem during even the worst weather (something the cable companies make you fear, when in reality I have had outages with TWC but not satellite). Wait for the special promotions when you get the DVR for free (or at leat the $50 promotions of you can’t wait for the free one to roll around). Honestly, I don’t know why people pay for the HD service. Coming from Time Warner the REGULAR DirecTV channels seem like HD to me…so vibrant and clear.
    BTW the next time the cable company gives you some line about satellite being affected by the weather…ask them how THEY get the tv signals INITIALLY to send from them then through cables…(a SATELLITE) with their rationale, cable would be a million times worse, since it starts at satellite then has to travel all that way via cable. ;)

  52. HeHateMe says:

    @LadyCarolineLamb: Interesting theory, yet not 100% accurate. Yes, cable does get a lot of their programming through satellite. They also get a lot through microwave towers and direct fiber connections. However, the programming that comes through satellite doesn’t come through the Dish/DirecTv dishes that you see on someones home. They come through high powered commercial sized dishes (bigger than the old satellites people had in their back yards) that have a straight, direct link to the satellites (which are in a geosynchronous orbit). These satellites have heaters aimed at them that kick in at certain temperatures or for specific precipitation. They work through cloud cover without a hitch. The only time you might have reception issues is when satellites experience sun outages (caused by interference from solar radiation). This happens only a couple times a year and it effects all satellites in orbit. So, in closing, your theory that “if DirecTv’s consumer dishes are effected by weather, cable companies dishes should be too” is incorrect, although a common misconception. Bonus points for effort though.

  53. davecort says:

    I’ve had DirecTV for about 8 years now, and I’ve had good experiences with them. Recently my DVR broke down and I had to call the to replace it with a used one I bought on the Internet. It was a non-standard request, but it went off pretty smoothly. Even the email to support asking how to get the firmware updated was answered promptly and got fixed within a day.

  54. LadyCarolineLamb says:

    Based on your profile name and posts on every cable thread, your opinions on the subject, to me, are no different than a cable advertisement. Nice try, though
    >>>”So, in closing, your theory that “if DirecTv’s consumer dishes are effected by weather, cable companies dishes should be too” is incorrect, although a common misconception. Bonus points for effort though.” by HeHateMe (aka “Mr. COMCASTic)
    [] (HeHateMe profile)

  55. HeHateMe says:

    Oh No’s! His name has comcast in it, it must mean he is a cable person!! My original name was based off of an inside joke amongst friends. It has no bearing on the facts that were stated, although I care very little to attempt and disuade you from your feelings. Go ahead and hate everything… It serves you well.

    However, advertisment or truth, I guess it’s up for you to decide. No part of my statement was made up of an opinion though, it contained only fact. Ever go to the local cable company? Try their headend. Take a peek at the dishes they have lined up like a farm at their facilities. Try and attach one of those to your house… Those dishes are probably bigger than your house, or apartment. Interesting.

  56. MYarms says:

    25 days without Dancing with the Stars. What on earth is he going to do?

  57. HykCraft says:

    I’ve had DirecTV since 1998 and I’ve NEVER had any problems with their customer service or technicians.

    Sorry you guys are having bad luck with them.

  58. thesabre says:

    Almost the same exact thing happened to me two years ago. I had Comcast at my previous residence and then I moved to a new area that did not quite have full Comcast services. They offered some packages, but they were all very minimal. So, I started looking up satellite options and chose DirecTV.

    I called to sign up, they took my information and said a technician would be out the next afternoon (Friday). It was later in the afternoon around 4 or 5. Around 2, I received a call saying that the technician wouldn’t be able to make it out and that I’d have to reschedule. DirecTV said the next available date was the following Tuesday or Wednesday. I waited until that day and once again, a few hours before the installation time, I received a call to reschedule. Not once did they call me the day before or anything. Each time, I took off work to stay home so they can install the satellite.

    This time, when I rescheduled, the next available date was about 15 days later.

    I hung up the phone, called Dish Network, and they came out the next day to set me up. They even gave me 2 months of HBO and Showtime for switching, even though I was never actually a DirecTV customer.

    The only problem I had with Dish Network is when I was signing up, they told me my Tivo would work and the technician confirmed this when he hooked up the box. When it didn’t work, I called Dish and they said the Tivo box was not compatible with the receiver.

  59. Knoxjs says:


    I work for DTV – At the Customer Service Management level.

    To compare DirecTv and Dish is a travesty – albeit the subcontractors do make life sometimes difficult – its still important to understand the difference between the two company’s.

    Dish markets to the sub sect of humanity that still enjoys anything above cable but doesn’t have the money to afford Directv – which is understandable because at no point do we claim to be the cheapest. But its still just that, Dish is marketed as affordable – the ‘every mans/woman’ company.

    Which is fine, its the same difference between shopping at Whole Foods and Walmart; Quality.

    Directv is for those men and women who really enjoy fine television.

    We as a company do two things very well.

    High Definition – nobody has the market breadth that we do with major networks (A big failing of Dishnetwork was buying out VOOM…golly everyone wants the KUNG FU network in HD).

    Sports – Nobody gets the NFL Sunday Ticket for a reason. Its a contract that makes DTV Millions because its the best kind of contract – Exclusive rights. Don’t forget about the NFL Superfan.

    Plus they treat their employee’s fairly – Free Premier services…VIP Install…Free Equipment. My location even has an on site gym and cafeteria.

    So please the next time you decide to rag on Directv – Know what you’re comparing it too.

  60. woboz says:

    Well at least you could get an installer to come out. I signed up online for the service and and when it got to the scheduling installation part it said it was down a a rep would call me within 72 hrs to set up an appointment.
    72 hrs later i called because i had not heard from them.
    I was told that a work order had not been created when i signed up online, but they would do that now and I would be called back in 24 hrs to set up the installation. 48 hrs later I call back and I am told that a work order had not been created and they could do that now and the manager would call me back in 24 hrs. 25 hrs later I call and am told they are very sorry but a work order has not been created and I need to call back in 24 hrs.
    They must all be hanging out in the gym and the cafeteria.

  61. rhanzelka says:

    We (wife and myself) entered a two year contract (that we understood at
    the time to be a one year contract)with Direct TV in late 2007. Big mistake!
    I have had problems with the service from the beginning. It started with
    shoddy installation that prohibited me from locking my home and protecting
    my family and valuables from break in. We are plagued with downtime due to
    faulty equipment that won’t even last through the contract period. When we
    request service on their defective equipment, they tell us they are going to
    charge us to fix their equipment. I had cablevision for 30 years prior to
    getting screwed by Direct TV. This is the worst service coupled with the
    worst product I have ever been stuck with in my entire life. The worst thing
    that ever happened with cablevision was being down for 2-3 hours once every
    year or two because of a down line. When I call Direct TV for service, they
    tell me it will be a week to ten days before they can get to me. So I am
    without television for that long but am still charged for it. I am also
    expected to take four to eight hours out of my work day every time Direct TV
    comes to my home. The last time I was told service would be performed
    between eight o’clock in the morning and noon. The technician did not even
    arrive onsite until 12:10 p.m. Service was not performed until after the
    agreed upon time that it would be completed. That was just two week ago. Now
    the service is broken again and we are told it will be another week before
    they can come to fix it. How long will the FCC go on allowing Direct TV to
    cheat and take advantage of customers? I would love to have the opportunity
    to do a commercial for cable television. After being subjected to customer
    service as poor as Direct TV, I know what the worst is. And to top it all
    off, when my wife negotiated this contract with Direct TV she was told that
    it was a one year agreement. Two weeks ago when we had trouble the last
    time, we were informed that it was a two year and not a one year contract
    that we originally agreed to. I suppose we can throw a little deceptive
    in for good measure… huh? This is the worst experience I have ever had
    with any vendor in my 50 years and I will make sure I tell everybody that
    has ears to hear.