Slumlord Dermot Company Installs New Boiler (For Four Days And Counting)

Last we checked, Daniel’s NYC apartment didn’t have any heat and he had to call his supervisor whenever he wanted to take a shower. Now there’s been some developments as the powerful love of Consumerist exposure melts the heart of the Dermot Company, aka, Snowmiser. Dan writes:

Dec 13th
On Monday, I returned home from work to discover an unexpected message from the city building inspector tucked under my door, stating that he had come to check on my heat and hot water, but that, since I wasn’t home, he’d check things out in a neighboring apartment.

I had no idea what would come of this notice, but then two days later (this evening to be precise), another notice appeared under my door announcing that Dermot will be replacing our now infamously busted boiler next Monday…

Mind you, our building manager told us at our tenant meeting last month that it would take weeks of work to replace the boiler, and that the entire time we’d have to have a noisy generator blaring outside, keeping us up nights. Interesting how those horrid weeks she described have now been reduced to a few short hours.

Like I said, the visit from the inspector was unexpected. I never did get around to filing any complaints with 311 (my lack of faith in government leads me to suspect they’d collect dust in a database somewhere).

Thus, I believe Consumerist is entirely responsible for these matters coming towards their resolution — responsible, in fact, for both the city and Dermot taking notice in the first place — and I am extremely grateful for your support on this issue.

Consumerist is truly the harbinger of corporate responsibility.

Thank you and happy holidays.

Dec 17

FYI, workmen are still here and the heat’s off … it’s 61 degrees in my apartment right now

Dec 20th
Boiler was supposed to be replaced Monday; it’s Thursday night @ 10pm, they’re still here making a racket and I’ve got ice cold water coming from the tap.

Dec 21
As of this morning, still no heat, no hot water. It’s 61 degrees in my apartment.

Will Dan ever get his heat on? Stay tuned for exciting developments, unless, of course, Dan develops frostbite of the fingers and is unable manipulate the keyboard to provide said developments.

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