Steve Jobs Rescues Your MacBook From Pittsburgh

Steve Job’s email address has the power to fetch your MacBook from Pittsburgh and send it to Canada. Reader Janelle writes:

My brother directed me to your site after I had a rather crappy time with the Apple Care people over the phone. Long story short, I sent my MacBook in to get fixed while I was at school in Pittsburgh and contacted them to have it redirected to my home in Canada once it was all done. Lo and behold, it got sent back to Pittsburgh even though I gave them plenty of information on how to contact me and strict instructions that it shouldn’t go back.

After four hours on the phone with Apple Care Canada and Apple Care USA, I was told that though it was their fault, I was going to have to pay $80 or so to get it shipped to my sister to bring to Canada because they couldn’t do it themselves and it was out of their hands. I know $80 isn’t a lot of money but the hassle of having to find someone who could do this for me, then making my sister bring my computer was just too much for me. I sent “Steve Jobs” a rather angry email (in the moment unfortunately) and sent it without thinking twice. I realized an hour or so after I’d cooled down that it’s just a computer and that my email was probably not going to go very far seeing as it wasn’t what I would call a “good email.”

Apparently that didn’t matter. Bright and early, Tim from Apple called me to apologize for what had happened. He arranged for an iPod Nano to be sent to me and called back later in the day to see if my friend had shipped it yet because if not, I could use the Apple Account number at FedEx so I wouldn’t have to pay for it. He also just called to ask if it’d been sent because he found a way for it to get sent straight to Canada.

I have no idea what qualifies as Apple Executive Customer Support worthy problems but if Tim can help me, I’m sure he can help you

Hey, sometimes angry emails do work! Not that we recommend them or anything.

Those of you who are experiencing Apple-related anger should take deep breaths and have a cup of tea before emailing at Do not anger the mysterious deity.

(Photo of a Pittsburgh sandwich:sylvar)

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