Steve Jobs Rescues Your MacBook From Pittsburgh

Steve Job’s email address has the power to fetch your MacBook from Pittsburgh and send it to Canada. Reader Janelle writes:

My brother directed me to your site after I had a rather crappy time with the Apple Care people over the phone. Long story short, I sent my MacBook in to get fixed while I was at school in Pittsburgh and contacted them to have it redirected to my home in Canada once it was all done. Lo and behold, it got sent back to Pittsburgh even though I gave them plenty of information on how to contact me and strict instructions that it shouldn’t go back.

After four hours on the phone with Apple Care Canada and Apple Care USA, I was told that though it was their fault, I was going to have to pay $80 or so to get it shipped to my sister to bring to Canada because they couldn’t do it themselves and it was out of their hands. I know $80 isn’t a lot of money but the hassle of having to find someone who could do this for me, then making my sister bring my computer was just too much for me. I sent “Steve Jobs” a rather angry email (in the moment unfortunately) and sent it without thinking twice. I realized an hour or so after I’d cooled down that it’s just a computer and that my email was probably not going to go very far seeing as it wasn’t what I would call a “good email.”

Apparently that didn’t matter. Bright and early, Tim from Apple called me to apologize for what had happened. He arranged for an iPod Nano to be sent to me and called back later in the day to see if my friend had shipped it yet because if not, I could use the Apple Account number at FedEx so I wouldn’t have to pay for it. He also just called to ask if it’d been sent because he found a way for it to get sent straight to Canada.

I have no idea what qualifies as Apple Executive Customer Support worthy problems but if Tim can help me, I’m sure he can help you

Hey, sometimes angry emails do work! Not that we recommend them or anything.

Those of you who are experiencing Apple-related anger should take deep breaths and have a cup of tea before emailing at Do not anger the mysterious deity.

(Photo of a Pittsburgh sandwich:sylvar)


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  1. reading that was like groundhog day. reading that was like gr….

  2. Did she really type all that three times?

    It’s sad that executive customer service had to step in just to get the thing shipped back to where it was supposed to be shipped. It’s way too easy for CSR’s to say “Sorry we messed up but you’re still screwed.”

  3. Shappie says:

    Echo….Echo….Echo….(trails off)

  4. Pigmann says:

    Since when is 80 bucks not a lot of money?

  5. hypnotik_jello says:

    @discounteggroll: Yeah, you’re telling me. Proofread much Meg? [sic]?

  6. xerotope says:

    Best Pittsburgh Picture Evar.

    (For those of you not in the know, it’s a sandwich from Primanti Bros., where you get the fries and coleslaw in your sandwich)

  7. FuturShoc says:

    Mmm. That sandwich looks good.

  8. kimsama says:

    Yum, a primanti! I have never had the egg version.

    Oh, if only I were in the ‘burgh, I would totes get one for lunch.

  9. ManicPanic says:

    I could go for a Primanti Bros. Sandwich after I get done shopping at Pants n’ Nat with Donnie Iris’s brother, Lonnie. That’s where I do all my holiday shopping n’at.

  10. Caprica Six says:

    $80 bucks is still $80 bucks…

    hell yea, that sandwhich looks good. chock full o’ fat and oil. yum!

  11. Buran says:

    I emailed Steve Jobs once (trying to get exec cust. service) when the regular CSRs, despite 3 phone calls, failed to get my Leopard order to arrive by the agreed-on delivery date and instead SHIPPED it on that date. I wasn’t in huge trouble for not getting it when promised, but after all that advertising and hype, and other people getting theirs on the promised delivery date, I was pretty angry.

    I never got a reply, and I wrote a polite letter. Apparently, to get anything out of corporations in America, you have to scream and yell and be a jerk.


  12. MPHinPgh says:

    @ManicPanic: I could go for a Primanti Bros. Sandwich after I get done shopping at Pants n’ Nat with Donnie Iris’s brother, Lonnie. That’s where I do all my holiday shopping n’at.

    I hear ‘NatMan and Robert are fond of Primanti’s too. Cap ‘N Cheese…that’s good eatin’.

    I just might have to change my lunch plans…

  13. Meg Marco says:

    @discounteggroll: @hypnotik_jello: Ugh, I’m really sorry about the weird triple paste. Something went horribly wrong and it kept coming back. :(

  14. warf0x0r says:

    @xerotope: Crazy Delicious.

  15. @Buran: Are you really trying to compare not getting your software on-time to someone’s Macbook being stranded at least a few hundred miles from them? Steve Jobs didn’t respond because you shouldn’t email him over something so insignificant. Not getting Leopard on time is not life altering. Being without your computer for an extended amount of time can be and usually is.

  16. tvh2k says:

    FYI — from my buddy who worked at apple last summer — Steve Jobs actually reads all mail that comes at him. He may forward it off to staff once he’s read it, but word is that he’ll be the first to put eyes on it.

  17. nerdsavant says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm… Primanti’s. I’m definitely gonna haffa go dahn the Strip and grab one fer lunch.

  18. jaysonjaz says:

    That sandwhich looks freaking amazing.. God Bless Pittsburgh!

  19. ManicPanic says:

    @MPHinPgh: Don’t discount going dahn Peppy’s for a Rothlisburger! We drove all around the city to find a Peppy’s open on a Saturday when we were there for my brother’s birthday.

  20. swedub says:

    Dangit, now I have a really strong urge to walk down the street and CONSUME a Capicola, Egg, & Cheese from our neighborhood (South Florida) Pramanti Bros.

  21. btdown says:

    Primanti bro’s is the shizit…I dont believe this story though..cause Pittsburgh is a mans town and no self respecting man would own a mac in Pburg….

    Shoutout to my homies in the Hill district!

  22. humperdinck says:

    That heart attack sandwich: DO WANT.

  23. MPHinPgh says:

    @ManicPanic: Don’t discount going dahn Peppy’s for a Rothlisburger!

    Ahh, Peppy’s…mmmmmmm. You gotta remember not to wear long sleeves if you get a hoagie, though. The grease stains NEVER come out.

  24. savvy999 says:

    Yuck. Permanny’s is garbage. Tastes like a mudflap even when you’re hammered.

  25. kidwei says:

    I recently had tons of issues with my MBP and wrote a letter to It wasn’t an angry letter but a well-written and reasonable one. And as expected, someone from executive corporate relations called me up and resolved my issues and let me pick something as a good-will gesture for my troubles. So I got a free bluetooth keyboard for my time. It’s always worth a try, but be civil please.

  26. Parting says:

    That picture is foul! That’s the most scariest ”sandwich” I’ve ever seen!

  27. j3nr1c0 says:

    Primanti’s is the greatest sandwich ever made and anyone who says differently either hasn’t had one or is devoid of tastebuds. Other than my family (obviously) it is the one thing I miss most about the ‘burgh since moving away over 10 years ago.


  28. Buran says:

    @thnkwhatyouthnk: I guess the value of keeping your word, which is the root issue here, is unimportant to you. I was promised the goods on time. I was repeatedly told by the company that they would be delivered as promised. I expected that to be respected.

    Even after I’d been repeatedly told there would be no problem, they failed to live up to the promise they had advertised for weeks on end.

    Yes, it is very much a matter for the head of a company when its representatives repeatedly lie to customers.

    And who are you to judge how severe this issue was? You do not know the circumstances.

  29. Buran says:

    @kidwei: I tried civility and got nothing but some random moron telling me that I shouldn’t care if a company breaks its word to me. I suppose I should have screamed at the idiot who finally admitted that I had been lied to. I suppose I shouldn’t have reported him to his boss, or I suppose I shouldn’t have been civil about it. Maybe if I had made someone’s day hell they would have turned around and made someone else’s day hell and so on down the food chain until the promises that were made to me were kept.

    I’m not that type of person but dammit, maybe I’d better start learning to be a real asshole if that’s what it takes to get people to keep their word.

    Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep.

  30. starbreiz says:

    That’s awesome. I didn’t even read the headline, but I immediately recognized the Primati Bros sammich from my hometown. Mmmm…

  31. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    I get my disability check and POW! down to Primanti Bros. (and Pants’n’at).

    Seriously, what’s up with dat?

  32. atomic16 says:

    I had a very similar experience with Apple Executive Support. Apple had promised that Leopard would be delivered on the friday it came out, but however due to Apple pushing back the time of delivery so it would correspond with the 6:00 release time. I sent an angry email (I too regretted that) to Job’s email after spending an hour and a half on the phone with Fedex and Apple. Since it was I friday, I forgot about the email over the weekend. On Monday I got a call from Apple telling me that they were sorry about the delay and they offered me a $50.

  33. Buran says:

    @atomic16: So you sent a pissed-off email to them and got $50. I sent a polite one to them and got nothing, not even a reply.

    That’s real classy, Apple. REAL classy.

  34. @Buran: No, a company keeping its word is quite important to me. However, you not having the incremental upgrade to OS X and this guy not having his computer are not even in the same ballpark. Hell, I’m pretty confident saying that they’re not even the same sport.

    Almost the same thing happened to me: I bought a laptop from Dell last December, and was promised a free “Express” Vista upgrade. It took about 5 customer service chats to get me nowhere fast. It wasn’t until I EECB’ed the Dell Execs that something finally happened (in July!). However, I still got by just fine with XP for 6 months, because I still had a computer to use.

  35. recordstorefan says:

    That photo really made me miss the ‘Burgh…

  36. nardo218 says:

    Hah! fries in the sandwich, I learned you’re supposed to do that when I went to school in Pitt, too. You’re making me miss the Cathedral of Learning. :)

  37. jtan says:

    Oh man primanti bros sandwiches are the greatest… especially those hungover saturday lunches (along with a tessaro’s burger). Baloney+egg for me please. I wish I could get them shipped to NYC…. closest thing we can get here is a fat cat from rutgers (an hour away)

    ChouChou, i only have pity for you. just hit the gym if you feel guilty. live to eat instead of eating to live and you’ll find that living a little is better than living too long.

    Savvy… i don’t even know what to say

  38. Gopher bond says:

    @FuturShoc: hella good

  39. coren says:

    Damnit, Consumerist, quit making me miss Pburgh.