Intuit Planning To Launch "iPhone-Friendly" Version Of Quicken Online For $3/Month

Would you pay $36 a year to access Quicken on your iPhone? What the hell, why not, right? You already paid for the iPhone! That’s probably what Intuit is hoping—and the zillion-dollar iPod accessories market proves there’s a lot of “blue ocean” for businesses that want to fish in Apple waters. It launches the product as a web service on January 8th, 2008, with an iPhone-friendly flavor also available then. There are plans to roll out “tweaked” versions for other mobile devices at an unspecified point in the future.

Intuit has designed the product to appeal to younger consumers, people who may have used online banking for most of their adult lives, but do not use software to track those transactions.

“Our first mission is to make sure we are solving the needs of people who are not currently using a personal finance solution,” [Intuit senior vice president Rick Jensen] said.

“Intuit iPhone-friendly Quicken priced at $3/month” [Reuters]


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  1. sled_dog says:

    There’s one born every minute and two to take him.

  2. We announced an online version of Quicken that also has an optimized for iPhone interface element. We didn’t announce an ‘iphone’ only version of Quicken.

    From the same article but a few paragraphs down

    “Quicken online will be accessible through regular Web browsers and most mobile devices with browsers…”

  3. shoegazer says:

    @QuickenProductManager: Now I’m really confused,, ’cause further down the article it says:

    The version that Intuit has developed for iPhone has been designed for use on-the-go, offers fewer features than the version for regular Web browsers and is optimized for iPhone screens.

    Also, the quoted price for the software is $53 and change, so are we talking about $3 a month on TOP of the software costs to run the iPhone service?

    I’ve never used Quicken myself, as I find an Excel spreadsheet does the job. Anyone find that it’s worth the extra cost to have a Quicken widget on your phone?

  4. @QuickenProductManager: Fair enough. I’ve modified the article and headline to be more accurate.

  5. HappyPig says:

    God, I wish you’d put out a universal binary of Quicken 2008 for the Mac and stop screwing around with the iPhone. No, wait… I wish you’d actually confirm or deny whether Quicken 2008 for the Mac is even in development.

    Intuit’s priority #1 is to deal with their very large pissed-off customer base that’s readily apparent on and not to chase the much smaller iPhone segment. What’s your plan for that, QPM?

  6. NoWin says:

    …but when Intuit releases a web-based update will it hammer and delete their own server Desktop files like their most recent Quickbooks Mac updater did?

    Anyway, “Quicken for Mac”, I dropped them years ago for a more stable product.

  7. Wormfather says:

    I’d love to use quicken but I’m on a PC and the Wife is on a Mac and that’s all she wrote.

  8. Skeptic says:

    I wish Intuit would stop being bastards who force expiration dates on functionality of existing software to force customers to upgrade to the “new” version of Quicken, with its expensive and paltry set of new features. And I wish Intuit wouldn’t charge banks and financial institutions separate fees for them to support Macs and PCs. When you download files from your bank and import them to Quicken, Quicken phones home to see if the bank has paid it’s Quicken tax for mac or pc. If they didn’t pay the extra mac tax then Quicken for mac won’t load in the perfectly good file.

    Intuit are greedy bastards who treat their customers like money sheep to be shorn annually.

  9. dillster says:

    Don’t buy anything from Intuit. They didn’t let anyone know that their tax stimulus rebate would be sent snail mail even if they did a direct deposit through their bank. They didn’t care about those of us who have a tight budget and were perhaps counting on that rebate a certain time. This lack of concern for their loyal customers is appalling. They put the info on their site, but who would think to look there for it. Total disregard and disrespect for their customers.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Not one of their smarter moves. THEY ARE MISSING A POTENTIAL AUDIANCE OF MILLIONS. This idea is as dumb as when Sprint dropped customers who called support to much. I use Quicken on my PC and Palm. I cannot see spending $36 year to get what I get free now. Plus my concern of having my data somewhere on a remote site with all the scam artists out there today. I will carry my Iphone & PALM.

  11. Sun Kim says:

    I rather use something like HanDBase ([]) for an iPhone which is a fixed cost. Build my own little database to keep track of cash I spend. Then make a QIF file out of the database whenever I need to import into Quicken.