Over Thanksgiving, five United Airlines workers had to go the hospital for nausea and vomiting after eating the company-provided turkey dinner. “There were questions about whether the turkey smelled quite right,” said Don Wolfel, the president of Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association Local 4, “The popular opinion was that it didn’t.” [AP]


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  1. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    If the turkey didn’t smell right, why did they eat it????

  2. homerjay says:

    MMmmmm… Free goo……

  3. comopuedeser says:

    I wish they would provide turkey dinners to their customers.

  4. DallasDMD says:

    @comopuedeser: Just like the one described in the article?

  5. DrGirlfriend says:

    Reminds me of the SNL skit where Tom Hanks tried some milk, it’s gone bad, he exclaims the milk has gone bad and tastes like crap, then everyone takes a taste “just to see”.

  6. amed01 says:

    Mommy…my turkey smells like jet fuel

  7. youbastid says:

    I hope there was someone on hand that speaks Jive.

  8. ex_ea_slave says:

    @youbastid: Smo fo buttah layin’ to the bone, jackin’ me up…tightly!

  9. comopuedeser says:

    @DallasDMD: Sometimes that would be nice the way customers tend to treat airline employees. Othertimes, I’d like to just be given some kind of a snack on a plane without paying for it.

    Also, they should give the option to the customer when purchasing the ticket. The customer could print off the coupons with his/her boarding pass and then show it to the flight attendant. This would make these types of business expenses easier to be reimbursed for while generating even more revenue for the airlines I think.

  10. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    @youbastid: @ex_ea_slave: LOL

    And whatever you do, don’t order the fish.

  11. SkyeBlue says:

    Why do people take such stupid chances with their lives by eating something that their instincts are telling them isn’t right? Most likely they would just end up with a case of food poisoning, but then again they could end up with a life-threatening case of e-coli.

  12. Me - now with more humidity says:

    Wasn’t that a M*A*S*H episode?

  13. 92BuickLeSabre says:

    @dwayne_dibbly: Because 2,995 employees didn’t get sick and the rest just “prayed to the J they got the same ol’ same ol’.”

  14. clevershark says:

    Maybe the ones who ate the turkey had a cold that day…

  15. @Me: Yes, and like two people didn’t eat the bad food that Klinger got. There was also one where Charles and Margaret got sick after eating canned pheasant.

    And it was a choice between turkey and the fish. I remember, because I had the lasagna.

  16. @dwayne_dibbly: Uh sir, some of the employees who had turkey went to the hospital.

    The hospital?! What is it?

    It’s a big building with patients, but that’s not important right now.