Cheap Tattoos Come With Free Drug-Resistant Staph Infections

If you’re in the market for a cheap, illegal tattoo, you might want to make sure that you have good health insurance, because your new ink might come with a free drug-resistant staph infection.

A West Rutland [Vermont] couple is facing charges for allegedly giving tattoos that infected a number of people.

Michael C. Mills, 30, whose address was listed as a West Rutland post office box, pleaded innocent Monday in Rutland District Court to three charges of unlicensed tattooing, a misdemeanor. His wife, Tiffany D. Mills, 27, pleaded innocent to a single charge.

The Millses were released on the conditions they stay away from the three people they allegedly tattooed and not purchase, possess or use any tattooing or piercing equipment.

The police tracked the couple down after three of their alleged clients acquired that drug-resistant staph infection you keep hearing so much about.

Tiffany Mills denied having tattooed any of the alleged victims, saying they each borrowed equipment from the Millses to do their own tattoos and she and her husband had MRSA infections as a result, according to affidavits. She said she and her husband only tattoo themselves and family members at no cost.

Right. The article didn’t include the couple’s defense for the unrelated charges of cocaine possession and driving without a license, but we bet someone just “left the cocaine in the car that they were just sitting in without actually driving.”

Cheap, illegal tattoos. No good. That’s our ruling.

Couple denies tattoo charges [Rutland Herald via WSJ Health Blog]