Best Buy: Open Box Items Cost $30 More Because Of "Policy"

We get quite a few photos of funny open box “mistakes,” but this is the first one that came with a complaint.

OK, normally I don’t even step foot in Best Buy, but my girlfriend’s family doesn’t grasp the internet age so well…so I’m stuck trying to explain how terrible Best Buy is to people who don’t realize anything else exists 🙂 I was in Best Buy on Sunday about noon, and was looking at LCD TV’s to pass the time. I can across what looked like a great deal…a DYNEX 37″ TV…for $650!!

Cheap for a large TV…I saw there were a bunch of new TV’s in the box and saw one that was open box…which is usually good for 25% off. NOT THIS TIME, HOWEVER! They marked the TV UP by $30! I couldn’t believe it. I asked several people, all of whom explained that was “policy”. Oh well…I guess I don’t get a shiny new TV…

I am attaching a picture of both signs I took with my cell phone.

I love the consumerist! Terrific job!

$30 extra for an open TV? We know they were trying to crack down on people buying and returning stuff just to get the “Open Box” discount, but still.


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