Morning Deals

  • Sears: Wii in stock for $249
  • Amazon: 9.5 M Kenneth Cole men’s Oxfords in black or brown for $58.49.
  • Red Envelope: Women’s cashmere striped gloves for $25, take 20% off and get free shipping with coupon code save12g7
  • Highlights From Dealhack

  • J&R Music: High-Def Ready SlingBox Solo $148 Shipped
  • Barnes & Noble: Save 25% off Any One Item with Coupon
  • Amazon: iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for PDAs $30 Shipped
  • Highlights From Bargainist

  • FAO Schwarz: Procrastinator Sale 25% off orders + free shipping
  • Maneater Threads: 20% off storewide coupon
  • Amazon: $50 cash back on SIRIUS Radios
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    1. jermscentral says:

      As is to be expected, the Wii is already out of stock, even though the site shows it as “In stock”.

      “We are sorry, the following item(s) and/or quantity are no longer available for delivery. See more information below.

      This item is no longer available for delivery. It has been removed from your cart. You can see similar items.”

      Since delivery is the only method of receiving this (i.e.- no in-store pickup), the deal is over.

    2. Hambriq says:

      Yup. I can confirm this at ~6:58AM CST, or in other words, 4 minutes after this article was posted.

    3. Dreamworks says:

      And the shoes seem to be very expensive. $194 or something. I’m an 11.5 which isn’t some kind of special order, right?

      Mongo feet I don’t have.

    4. JKinNYC says:

      @Dreamworks: It seems only the 9.5 are $58

    5. yourbffjill says:

      I question whether the Wii was ever actually in stock… I spent the last two weeks attempting to order a tool for my Dad that was showing as being in stock, but would all of a sudden be out of stock when I tried to check out. Then it would show up as out of stock for delivery, in stock for in store pickup, but their confirmation e-mail would tell me my order had been canceled because they didn’t have the item. This kind of stuff went on for over a week, up until I found it somewhere else and for $20 less. I wouldn’t spend another minute on the Sears website.

    6. UpsetPanda says:

      After reading all of the Sears stuff, I have to conclude that Sears is just to be avoided, at all costs.

    7. SkyeBlue says:

      Thanks for the Barnes & Noble coupon tip! My son wants the Guinness’s 2008 Book of World records for Christmas but I have not been able to find a copy of it here in the small town we live in. And I haven’t been able to bring myself to pay the over $25.00 + they have wanted for it, with shipping, from many online sellers. I went to, clicked thru to Barnes & Noble, for the first time ever, and bought that book and an item for my daughter, used the coupon and saved quite a bit. Plus I get over 300 points form MyPoints for shopping at Barnes & Noble which I can use to get gift cards from MyPoints.

    8. mkechaz says:

      Me thinks Skyeblue likes MyPoints way too much.

      Btw, watch the B&N prices. Even with the $25 coupon some things are still a rip off.

      Ex. Ken Burn’s DVD set “The War”
      B&N: $125
      Most other places: $80 (Amazon, Buy, Etc.)

    9. SkyeBlue says:

      My post was to let those who posted the info about the B&N coupon know that someone put it to good use.

      I’ve always wondered why some people, when they post on these comment boards, just HAVE to make some snide little comment about something someone posts that has absolutely nothing to do with them.

    10. hmk says:

      I’m done with Sears online now.. I tried getting a Wii accessory and the Sears website (with in-store pickup) was the only site that had it in stock at the price I wished to pay. So I ordered it and the next day I received TWO confirmation emails that my product was ready for pickup. Later in the day I went to pick it up. They were out of stock. I never received a cancellation notice. The manager of electronics even said that they had two earlier in the day, and he was “amazed” that someone would sell it in store when they were already actually “sold.” And trying to get them to magically come up with one in stock didn’t work… as they would not call other stores for me and never called me back to follow up (not that I expected them to…). On top of all that I never got my $5 coupon for my order taking over 5 minutes to fulfill. /rant

      The moral of the story is: avoid Sears online ordering/pickup in store if possible.

      I finally got my item from gamestop for $10 more.