CompUSA has publicly announced their consumer hotline for repair questions: 1-877-520-8324. (It’s the same as the number in the letters they’re mailing out to customers.) You can also visit a new website, [Dallas Business Journal]


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  1. mike1731 says:

    You know, this has to be about the worst possible time for them to have announced they’re going out of business. Lots of new PC’s get sold to less experienced users this time of year, and any rational purchaser would question the value of a service contract with a going out of business firm. Even with the successor company identified, where’s the leverage to get things fixed (not that CompUSA was exactly a paragon of virtue on that front…). I would think they’d lose out on lots of possible sales of service plans, and for that matter sales of units to less technical consumers.

    Be interesting to see how the clearance sales pan out. In the meantime, do have to feel very badly for the employees. Has to totally suck knowing this is your last Christmas, then time to hit the help wanted ads right when every other retailer is dumping their holiday surge help.

  2. gman863 says:

    The fact that CompUSA closed over half their retail locations within the past year (including 4 of their 6 initial locations in Houston) was the handwriting on the wall. Few companies that experience this type of tailspin are able to pull up before crashing(Wards, Ames and Service Merchandise are but a few examples).

    Based on the closing sales in Houston this past summer, don’t waste your time until the final few days: Most of the markdown prices were (at best) equal to comperable new items with warranty at Best Buy, Fry’s or major Internet retailers. The difference is that, unlike CompUSA, these other retailers will be around if a product is DOA or requires local service.

    Speaking of the Internet, it’s interesting that’s website makes absolutely no mention of the retail stores’ impending doom. While customers in the markets where CompUSA retail stores are shutting down may be able to smell a rat, those who live in other cities run the risk of problems if their on-line order gets screwed up.

    My guess is that – against the likes of Amazon, NewEgg and other online giants – will soon follow the retail locations into retailing’s “where are they now” file.