Watch Out For Mysterious $8.95 Charge To Your Account

A reader writes in that he noticed an unusual charge for $8.95 on his bank card recently. He looked up the number connected to the charge—866-305-8808—at the website and found that it belongs to some company called Eureka or, and that there are others who have discovered the same unauthorized charge in recent days.

A WHOIS search for turns up a generic registration for Hostgator in Houston, Texas. The website is a plain-looking business site for a company that seems to sell database marketing services, located at 411 Theodore Fremd Ave, Rye, New York 10580. That address is just a generic office building. We called the 866 number and got a simple “Leave a message or press a button to fax” recording (click here to download a 324kb wav recording of the call—but we warn you, it’s very boring.)

We have no idea if Eureka is involved in the scam or also a victim of it, but be sure to check your statements—these charges are popping up right now, and some of the people posting to just noticed them today.

(Thanks to Paul!)

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