Wesabe's New Mobile Site Helps Track Expenses On The Go

Wesabe, the popular personal finance website, has unveiled a new mobile version that “lets you check your balances, see recent transactions, and… enter cash transactions, from any mobile browser.” To save time, you only need to enter the most basic information via your phone—you can add the details to the entry later from a standard web browser.

The mobile version of the site has been tested with Opera Mini, but supposedly works with any mobile browser that can handle SSL connections.

“Wesabe’s New Mobile Finance Site Helps Track the ‘Latte Factor'” [Wired]

m.wesabe.com (Wesabe account needed to login)


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  1. comopuedeser says:

    Doesn’t Bank of America do this already? Why get this on top of mobile banking.

  2. Shred says:

    It’s about friggen time. Alas, my heart already belongs to Clearcheckbook.com who was on top allowing you to enter transactions from your phone first.

    No, BofA doesn’t let you do this already. BofA doesn’t let you keep track of your actual balance, only tallying transactions that have already cleared. This often provides a grossly inaccurate picture of your finances. Depending on the BofA online balance is a sure way to incur hefty overdraft fees.

  3. czarandy says:

    Doesn’t Yodlee do this?

  4. headon says:

    doesn’t a pencil and a piece of scrap paper already do this.

  5. HRHKingFriday says:

    @headon: Yes, but all those little scraps of paper are going to get entered in my computer anyways…

  6. headon says:

    @hrhkingfriday: So you would rather have your data and financial information being flung through the airwaves and networks. Why complicate things. Have computers and cell phones fried everyones brains. The simple solution is often the best solution. AS IT IS IN THIS CASE!

  7. wesa says:

    I still prefer Mint, as it pulls the info directly from your bank account. Plus the name of Wesabe is too close to my name (Wesa) and it’s tripping me out.