The Do Not Call List Improvement Act inched closer to final passage this week with action from both the House and Senate. The Act, which would make Do Not Call List registrations permanent, passed the House on a voice vote on Tuesday, and cleared the Senate Commerce Committee yesterday. Final passage is expected before Congress recesses for the holidays.


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  1. faust1200 says:

    Wow. I hate telemarketers as much as the next guy but I thought 5 years was reasonable as not to eventually permaban all numbers but I’ll take the perma!

  2. ColoradoShark says:

    If a phone number is re-assigned to a different person it comes off the do not call list automatically. This should cut off any argument about someone getting a new number and not getting “phone spam” they want.

  3. lesbiansayswhat says:

    Ever since signing up the first time we’ve had no problems with commercial spammers. What’s unfortunate is that now we get 2-3 calls a day each from non-profits related to the non-profits we donated to last year. I don’t have the heart to go through every call and tell them I don’t want to donate more so it just rings and rings with no message being left. There comes a point where they should realize most people who have donated know how to donate again and on their own terms. 3 calls a day just hurts your cause.

  4. lenagainster says:

    The Do Not Call “Improvement” Act would be much improved if they made the whole system ‘opt in’ rather than ‘opt out’ where one would have to put their number on a list in order for telemarketers to have permission to call them. This would save a lot of ink/bandwidth in transmitting the List.

  5. Daniel-Bham says:

    I think you should feel privileged that these companies take the time and effort to farm your number out to hourly employees in trailer parks who can harass you day and night. You think you are a person? You are just a number with a dollar sign in front of it.

    The opt-in approach sounds better, but it makes too much sense to have any feasible chance at passage.

  6. Brad2723 says:

    They also need to repeal the charity and political candidate exemptions.

    Has anyone else here been tricked into answering a few questions as part of a survey and then offered a “Free Trial” magazine subscription as compensation for your time?