Leaks: CompUSA's Going-Out-Of Business Discount List

We’ve got the CompUSA internal discount list for their going out of business liquidation sale. The discounts are mainly 10% and 20%, with some 5% and 30% in there. Audio hardware, mounting brackets and the like, is 30% off. Just because they’re imploding doesn’t mean they don’t have some pride, as least for now. They’re entitled “opening discounts,” so perhaps will keep dropping week by week until all the stock is gone. Looks like for now they’re using the same close-out strategy as when they closed down most of their stores before: offer crappy deals and advertise the heck out of it.


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  1. BloggyMcBlogBlog says:

    Boy, there’s nothing on that list that is a good deal.

  2. Wow. Looks like there’s going to be a whole lot of residual merchandise. Bargains? What bargains?

  3. homerjay says:

    @BloggyMcBlogBlog: not YET. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  4. emax4 says:

    I hope it doesn’t turn out as bad as when they first started closing down stores. They wanted around $40 (after discount) for Call of Duty at one of the brick-and-mortar stores, yet at CompUSA online they were only asking $29 or so.

  5. realwx says:

    Even discounted, it still isn’t worth it.

  6. Coder4Life says:

    wow that is a horrible bargain list. Everything on that list they are still making hella profits.

    Powersupplies 20% off, kidding. They make 30 – 40% on those suckers and memory too.

    And when those things are on sale every weekend they are much cheaper than that.

  7. DocGratis says:

    Wooo 30% of Monster cables…

    Let’s see 30% off of overpriced crap is… hrmmm
    priced crap

  8. emona says:

    Comp USA just doesn’t get it, do they? Bad business sense, right to the bitter end.

  9. thefastest says:

    look at 180-255: reading glasses. does that actually say there is a -20% discount?

  10. Well, I guess I correctly predicted those craptacular discounts as coming from a mile away.

  11. CompUSA had the worst customer service of any computer or electronics big box, and that’s saying a lot.
    Their return policies sucked, their inventory was lame, and even in death they can’t give up a halfway decent discount.

    Good riddance, CompUSA. Congratulations on your epic fail.

  12. leetgeek says:

    @thefastest: guess your really getting screwed if you go to an electronics store looking for reading glasses. If your stupid enough to do that, then your stupid enough to pay 20% more.

  13. Prince of Zemunda says:

    Funny that the items with the highest markups (accessories) are the 20% to 30% discounted items.

  14. 10% off everything video games isn’t bad.

  15. chrisaroz says:

    20% off Processors ain’t so bad – a Quad Core at that price sells for less than the same one at NewEgg….

  16. Wow. That’s almost as sucky as the Tower Records going-out-of-business discounts.

  17. Dan says:

    10% off floppy drives! Oh boy!

    No wonder they’re going out of business. They’re still holding stock from last century.

  18. strider_mt2k says:

    It’s a list of SHAME!!!

  19. CPC24 says:

    CompUSA is not in control anymore, they’ve already sold everything to Gordon Brothers. They own everything now, and are setting these prices.

  20. catnapped says:

    @CPC24: Wait until Gordon Brothers starts bringing in their pallet loads of Chinese blenders, smokeless ashtrays, and bottled water (all that stuff you never knew CrapUSA sold!)…all marked up 1000% but sold to you at a generous 30% discount off the “regular price” (“EVERYTHING MUST GO! NOTHING HELD BACK!”)

  21. @leetgeek: You might want to be careful who you call stupid when you can’t even use the correct form of “you’re”. You even managed to screw that up twice in one sentence.

    But yes, I don’t know why people would buy reading glasses at CompUSA

  22. zibby says:

    Laughable. I feel bad for people who don’t have any choice but to shop there, whoever that might be.

  23. catnapped says:

    @BrandonOBrien: Because they’re 20% off, that’s why! Everybody loves a bargain!!!!

  24. savvy999 says:

    And if you buy something at CompUSA, and it doesn’t work (a 50/50 proposition at best), then to whom does one return it?

    All that risk for the reward of saving perhaps 5-10%?

    Sorry, not takin’ it. R.I.P. CUSA!

  25. Xeno says:

    Wooo hooo, 10% off dust covers! I’m there!

  26. strider_mt2k says:

    8% off expired baby food!

  27. youbastid says:

    My favorite part of their last liquidation sale? Nothing. I saw “everything 50-75% off” and thought, “there must be at least SOMETHING in there.” Nothing but broken TVs, dusty cracked computer cases, obsolete cameras/photo printers, and dirty cables. So I go over to the printer section, OOHH! 50% off cartridges, that’ll be worth it. They were all expired or within 1 month of being expired. I walked out of there with a ream of HP paper for 2.99. Cause I needed paper.

    Too bad. In the early 90’s I used to love going to CompUSA because they were one of very few technology superstores at the time (in Massachusetts, anyway). I bought a 486 there (with 14″ CRT and revolutionary 4x CD-ROM!) at the then-rock bottom price of $2000. Then the BB’s and CC’s came along and stole all the thunder. Sigh.

  28. SpudSpudly says:

    COMP USA sucks and always has. The last time I went in there was to find a 50 foot ethernet cable. They wanted $39.95 for it!!!!!!! A simple gray ethernet cable! Got it for $4 online instead. What a joke that place is/was.

  29. kwicherbichin says:

    When the CompUSA when out of business here, I visited the store week after week thinking eventually there would be something there to buy. They weren’t very smooth about hiding the fact that they marked everything up before they took the discount. There were price stickers on top of price stickers, each one getting progressively more epensive as the weeks went on. When they sold out of an item, they would then put up advertisements with really low prices….because they didn’t have any more.

  30. helloitabot says:

    Apple printers!?!?! They stopped making those in 1999! Wow they are just clueless. No wonder they are going out of business.

  31. Kricket says:

    compusa is still trying to make some money? even though theyre going out of business?

    im shocked

  32. Absent Blue says:

    What lame deals…

  33. SaveMeJeebus says:

    @crucifix99: Yeah they probably charge the inflated MSRP now and discount off of that. Kind of like those pizza deals where you have to pay the full price off the menu for certain deals. Papa Murphy’s is good at that; each deal they offer ends up being the same price but with different price combinations to get there to save $2.

  34. prateeko says:

    Only *remotely* worthwhile thing there is 20% off Wireless Telephones (Cell phones If I understand correctly).

    But really, the list is crap.

  35. jodles says:

    those are opening discounts….the prices go down the closer they are to actually closing

  36. Cypher says:

    The sad thing they are the only place we have in Alaska. Looks like online shopping and mail order again.

  37. rolla says:

    eh, serves compusa right…their service stinks and their prices are not that competitive. Bye bye compUSA! haahaa

  38. whydidnt says:

    If this works like it did with the earlier closings, cell phones were about the only thing that were a good deal. They were selling them at discount WITHOUT requiring a contract. If you are thinking of upgrading your cell phone, it’s a pretty good deal. The phones are still locked to the network, but no contract is no contract.

    It’s sad to see them close, but not surprising. For the last five years, it seemed every decision they made was based upon extracting every penny TODAY out of their customers. No competitive business survives long without giving some thought to the long term consequences of it’s actions. CompUSA seems only concerned with selling extended service plans that they would then try to get out of fulfilling. I bought a Camcorder there on clearance several years ago. It was marked at 20% off. I asked for an additional discount since it was the last one, the manager said he’d mark it 50% off (an additional $150 in savings) if I bought the 59.99 service plan. HOW does that make good business sense for the company? It was obvious he was paid more to sell service plans than he was to make a profit for the store.

  39. azntg says:

    Leave it to CompUSA to remain expensive and mismanaged to the end! Way to go!

  40. axiomatic says:

    I seriously hope CompUSA is left in ashes and with a large amount of debt.

  41. ARP says:

    I think you’ll be surprised at how well they’ll do. People can’t resist going out of business sales. I don’t know what it is.

    As others have stated, this is their first round. The discounts will get heavier as time goes on. Not sure if they already have a calendar set or if they wait until sales slow to kick it up a notch.

  42. Alright kids, time for liquidation 101

    I was a manager at a department store that went through liquidation a few years back, and here’s a little bit on how this will go down:

    They’ll start with the above price list (surprised to see that list before january), and they’ll run with it for about two weeks…. then comes a better list…. and a week later? An even better one. After that, they’ll be selling everything (including store fixtures) for next to nothing as they need to move it out so they can close.

    Prices will rock while return policies will suck. Don’t take it out on the employees, as the stores will likely be under the control of a liquidation company. Even if Comp USA is still running the show, still, don’t take any issues out on the employees – they’ll be jobless soon.

    Good luck, and happy shopping…. I highly recomend going in the last week they’re open, and buying some stuff to sell on ebay.

  43. majortom1981 says:

    the comp usa by me when it went out of business even with their supposed huge discounts still had higher prices then what I can get those same items for onlin.

  44. lemur says:

    Yeah, my initial reaction when I saw the list of item was “crap, I could have had the hardware I just bought for a better price”.

    Then I sobered up and remembered that CompUSA always had a crappy selection and crappier prices. I ain’t missing on anything good.

    But I have no doubt that some people will be convinced they’re getting a good deal because they don’t realize that CompUSA overprices.

  45. rawsteak says:

    if my bawls are on sale, i’ll be happy and sad… because my compusa is the only place within a 3 hour drive that sells them by the box :(

  46. bandit says:

    These are the INITIAL “opening” discounts. They will get deeper as they approach the closing date. But things will start selling before then. It’s the way to get the most money in a liquidation. You don’t go to 80% off right away.

  47. XTC46 says:

    those are just the opening “bids” the longer it takes to sell the better the discount will be.

    more info here


  48. doireallyneedausername says:


    They say “all sales final” but its not true. All merchants in America must follow the basic “warranty of merchantability” (i.e. implied warranty). Unless that specific product says “sold as-is” or “sold with all faults,” the seller has an obligation to warrant the merchandise against SUBSTANTIAL defects that affect the “warranty of fitness.” In some states, companies cannot disclaim this warranty at all for certain products.

    For example, let’s say you go to a camping store and tell them you need a tent for camping in Yosemite. They sell you Model #A123 and say that this product will work for that situation. But when you get out there, the tent poles are cracked and the shell is so porous that water and wind comes in. You now have a right to take that product back to the store because it did not perform to the implied expectations of that product.


    But then again, try to argue that with Gordon Bros. and you’ll be talking till you’re blue in the mouth and by then, they’ll be long gone!

  49. PinnyCohen says:

    Well, these ridiculously low discounts are yet ANOTHER reason why I thought CompUSA was just plain awful:


  50. Brian Gee says:

    @leetgeek: They’re just exploiting the possibility that if you’re shopping for reading glasses, you probably can’t see the “-” in front of the “20%”.

  51. Voohoo says:

    When do these discounts start??

  52. CPC24 says:

    @axiomatic: CompUSA wasn’t an independent company. The ex-owner, billionaire Carlos Slim, owns many other businesses too. He lost anywhere from hundreds of millions to a few billion. However, he’s got $40 billion+ to fall back on.

  53. DavGins says:

    I’ll spend more money on gas getting to the store then the discount they are offering. Good Riddance CompUSA.

  54. Mr. Damage says:

    Even in epic fail, CompUSA still fails epically, or something.

    Utter and epic fail, indeed. CompUSA, you won’t be missed.

  55. frankblevins says:

    All going out of business sells are terrible ripoffs. The merchandise is priced for less elsewhere, plus you can’t return something to them if it’s defective. Its a lose lose situation for the consumer.

  56. jkaufman101 says:

    This list is accurate. I was just over at CompUSA and saw the exact same discounts. BTW most of the TVs were 10% off.

  57. mdude85 says:


    “Only *remotely* worthwhile thing there is 20% off Wireless Telephones (Cell phones If I understand correctly).”

    LOL, you are really showing your age here. I’ve not yet broken age 25 and I still know that a wireless telephone is a telephone attached to a land line (a strange concept built on physical wires stretched thousands of miles along wooden poles or trenches in the ground…who knew such a thing existed on Earth?) but with a cordless receiver so you can walk around your house chatting with your friend on $0.08/minute long distance service. :-)

  58. nardo218 says:

    “If it’s not 50% off, it’s not on sale.” – The Nanny

  59. elness says:

    When our local CompUSA store (Modesto, California) liquidated earlier this year, I was lucky enough to pick up a 42-inch HP PL4260N plasma HDTV set for around $800, less than half what it costs now at Amazon.com.

    It’s all a matter of timing and luck. The first weeks of clearance discounts are nothing to write home about — I popped in several times during that span and never saw anything discounted deeply enough to warrant a purchase.

    As I wandered the store in the closing weeks, though, my eye caught a flat panel TV hanging on the back wall. It was turned off and was missing a speaker. Somehow I had walked past it numerous times in the preceding weeks and had *never* noticed it.

    I stopped a passing sales associate and asked whether it worked. He went back and found a laptop and a VGA cable, hooked it up, and powered up the TV. It looked *great*! The sales associate warned me that the right speaker was missing, but that I could possibly order another one from HP. As I pondered this course of action, I spotted the tall thin speaker lying flat on the shelving unit below the display, tucked under some signage and other detritus.

    Although the associate tried to convince me of the superiority of LCD-based HDTVs over plasma, and of HP’s mediocrity in the HDTV market, I bought it immediately and have had nary a bit of trouble with it so far.

    So be patient with these clearance sales and try to go back multiple times. Look *carefully* for hidden sales gems, and don’t be shy about getting help from the sales associates.

  60. Schmeg Peg says:

    @BloggyMcBlogBlog: $35 off an Xbox 360 Premium isn’t a good deal?

  61. coren says:

    Yeah, that CompUSA sure sucks hard with these prices.

    ..oh, wait, no, this isn’t CompUSA selling this stuff, it’s liquidators.

    And I’ll let you in on another secret..they’re trying to make as much as they can. So the opening deals? Of course they suck. If they can lure people in with these “discounted” prices, they’re gonna go for it. As many sales as they can make when things aren’t actually on sale is their goal here. The discounts will get big as time goes on..but by then it’s a sort of lottery. The longer the wait, the better the discount, but the higher likelihood of what you want being gone. That’s how it worked when Mervyns and CompUSA closed shop up in the NW

  62. Parting says:

    Deals suck :(

  63. Drexial says:

    “When the CompUSA when out of business here, I visited the store week after week thinking eventually there would be something there to buy. They weren’t very smooth about hiding the fact that they marked everything up before they took the discount. There were price stickers on top of price stickers, each one getting progressively more epensive as the weeks went on. When they sold out of an item, they would then put up advertisements with really low prices….because they didn’t have any more.”

    I worked at a closing one, Unless the guy running the closing was shaddy as shit they don’t do that.

    you people have to understand, The closing stores are no longer run by CompUSA, is all the liquidation company. The discount lists are taken from an inventory database of every item the store has ever sold by SKU category. The merchandise lists have to be as complete as possible for legal reasons. The liquidation managers make a KILLING. they get over 6 figures, if you see them driving a crappy car its only cause if they drove their nice once the employees would mess them up (believe me we plotted how many ways we could screw up their car. But we knew he would press charges and we would be facing jail time)

    But regardless CompUSA is a shitty company and was run by absolute morons. My manager was an old car salesman to give you an idea of what kind of mentality they wanted running those stores… not only that he was fired then rehired.

  64. Drexial says:

    sorry to double post. but the reason they sell this way is because people buy it…. they have a 3 month deadline. the managers get bonuses if they sell it sooner then that. they also get bonuses for selling things before price drops. our manager got over $30,000 in bonus cash.

  65. Bryan Price says:

    Hurry up and die CompUSA. I’m ready for Microcenter to come and take your place. Hell, I’d probably even take a Fry’s.

  66. coren says:

    Good luck with that..our CompUSA has been gone for ages and the building’s still empty

  67. MisterE says:

    Major retailers NEVER learn:

    When you overcharge and have clueless staff, eventually the store will die. How come the customers can figure this out and not management? I remember another pc store called Computer City which died a similar fate. It’s been my experience in Ohio where both stores allowed the stereos to crank foul & obscene music as store personnel smoked and took their breaks in front of the entrance. Good Riddence! I wish they would die sooner!

  68. kapitolh says:

    OK, I’m thinking about 99% of you guys leaving comments about this have no idea as to what’s going on with these liquidation sales. As an ex-compusa employee, I had the pleasure back in February to hear that my store was closing down during the first round of layoffs. So…with a little bit of insider knowledge as to how CompUSA and Gordon Brothers (liquidation company) work…hopefully I’ll be able to clear a few things up for ya.

    1. Gordon Bros. now owns CompUSA. This means that CompUSA is not the ones that are controlling the discounts on the products. Gordon Bros is making an attempt to make as much money off their purchase of CompUSA by keeping the discounts minimal to start things off, in hopes to make as much profit as possible.

    2. They dont raise the prices up and discount them down to make it look like their on sale. With me 10 years of experience at CompUSA, not once did I ever see this happen….ever.

    3. All sales are final. This means even if you bought the wrong ink cartridge and wanted to exchange it, they wont let you. It’s not because they dont want to, its because the cashiers have bascially been threatened with their jobs by the Gordon Bros rep to not let this happen. Take the cartridge to another electronics retails and I’m sure they’ll be happy to get you taken care of, along with acquiring a new happy customer.

    4. The department list is accurate in the fact that these are all the departments and sub-departments that show up in their database. True, Apple hasn’t made printers forever, doesn’t mean that they were once carried at CompUSA. It’s showing up on the list because there might be one store somewhere that has an old beat up discontinued printer sitting in a box somewhere still showing in inventory.

    5. Markups…network cables, USB cables, VGA cables…all that stuff. Bascically anything with the word Belkin on it has disgusting amounts of margin in it and this really is one of the few, if not only places CompUSA had made any profit. Sure their cost is less then $2 for a 6′ USB cable…but when you’re selling desktops and laptops, on sale, for less then what CompUSA bought them from the manufacturers for, you’ve got to make that money up somewhere. Besides…have you ever gone to CC, BB or even Microcenter to see how their cabling is priced compared to online? Think about it.

    5. Don’t take your frustrations out on the employees. If anything, their even more screwed then you are. Here you are having to pay for something that’s a few dollars above cost. But they just got news that their going to be out a job and there’s nothing they can do about it. It’s an amazing opportunity for me, as a manager for a competitor for CompUSA to go snatch up some great employees who happen to work for a not so great company.

    6. Quit whining, as I stated earlier, this is the first round of discounts. With this process taking at least 8-12 weeks, you can be sure that in the next week at most, you’ll see the discounts starting to get better and better. If you dont want to pay full price for something, give it a few weeks, either you’ll get it for a better price, or find that someone else was happy with saving 30% off a wall mount kit versus 50% off.

  69. tf34mech says:

    Does the closing date of the store depend on how long it takes to sell everything? Or is it a certain time frame and what is left is disposed of other ways. I went to the Lansing MI store and they were just putting up the sign outside and looked like they were still stocked pretty good.