What People On Judge Judy Don't Know

Recently I’ve become intrigued by Judge Judy type small claims court TV shows. They offer a fascinating look at how little some people know about the legal system. Here’s what America learned in the past week or so:

  • If you co-sign a loan, both parties are jointly and individually responsible. So if you break up with the girl and she stops making payments on the car, go over and get the car yourself. Don’t tell the financing place to repo the car and that “they need to go after her.”
  • If you start a business, you must use a ledger-based system where there are records of transactions, even if you’re paying people in cash. So if you start a bar with your alcoholic mother and things go badly and you want to sue for your investment back and the only proof you have that you gave her money is some debits on your bank account, sorry Charlie.
  • You cannot sue your daughter for your hotel bills because she kicked you out of her house.
  • If you’re running a welfare scam on your sister and she doesn’t give you the money you think you deserve, don’t go to court because the judge will dismiss the case and send it to the DA’s office to prosecute you both for welfare fraud.
  • If you leave a car in front of a mechanic’s with a note on the windshield without setting up anything with them beforehand, it’s your fault if it gets broken into.
  • If you break up someone and leave the apartment and move everything out and some of their possessions get lost in the move, it’s your fault, even if “they had a whole day” to pick them up.
  • (Image from Judge Joe Brown)

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