How Much Does It Cost To Lose 10 lbs?

The holidays are the time to pack on the pounds and then resolve to lose them, so it’s a perfect time to find out how much does it cost to lose 10 lbs in a month? WeightLossMadeEasy rounds up the numbers of some popular diet programs.

Diet / cost per month
Atkins Diet 402.08
Diet To Go (1600 Calories) 523.96
Diet To Go (1200 Calories) 467.96
Dr Siegal Cookie Diet 224.00
Dr Sears Zone Diet 371.36
Jenny Craig 550.60
MediFast 275.00
NutriSystem 293.72
Ornish Diet 299.36
Slim Fat 310.92
South Beach Diet 314.44
Sonoma Diet 274.00
Weight Watchers 386.56

Personally, we like drinking 4 tbps of canola oil per day to lose weight. It costs $4.99 a bottle.

Diet Cost Calculation [Weight Loss Made Easy]
(Photo: matt coats)

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