Depositing Checks In A Bank Of America ATM Is A Huge Pain In The Butt

I thought I’d give your readers a heads-up on how much Bank of America sucks, and why you should make all deposits to a bank teller and never, ever at the ATM.

About 2 months ago, I deposited a nice, fat commission check into my account via the B of A branch ATM. All seemed well, and I noted that the deposit showed up online at my B of A account.
24 hours later, the entire check had been reversed back out of my account, being noted as ‘non-negotiable, deposit correction’.


went to the bank branch once I realized what happened, and the bank manager told me there was nothing that she could do, was unable to find out why it was kicked out, and that I’d have to wait for the check originals to be mailed back to me. I asked why I couldn’t just get a scanned copy from the bank and she said they did not have scanned copies.

I ended up talking to different (new) employee, and he managed to get through to the right department and find out what the heck happened. It showed that the MiCR line was invalid. He magically was able to get a copy of the scanned check (wait… I thought they did not scan copies?) which I presented to the counter clerk, who verified that it was indeed good. I also verified the check with the issuing bank and got a letter showing that the check and MiCR line was good. I showed this to the manager, and she informed me that she still needed the original before she could do anything, and I’d have it in 3-5 business days.

Well, almost a solid month later, (and now FIFTEEN overdraft fees, and multiple desperate trips to the bank, and calls to customer service asking for help) still no originals in the mail. I asked what we’d do if the copy never showed up at all, and she kept putting me off, and was horrible, rude, and curt. I gave up on her, went to another branch armed with all of my information and check copies, and was able to find a nice gentleman who was willing to help. Of course by that time I’d had my company cut me a replacement check and opened a new account at a different bank. The helpful guy did get me a counter credit for the overdraft fees, but they would not reverse them (so it still looks like it was my fault).
I did get the originals back, and surprise! It looked exactly like the original (as copies are meant to do). Nothing was wrong with the check.

I’ve closed the B of A account after 15 years.
Crazily enough, my fiancé (different last name, no linked accounts, no way for the bank to associate us) deposited two smaller checks into the ATM about 2 weeks ago. (I warned him!) And don’t you know, they kicked his out as well. This time, it’s because the checks were made out to “Jim Smith” instead of “James Smith”. Never mind that Jim has had an account with B of A for 10 years and has deposited numerous checks written out to “Jim Smith” with no trouble.

And guess what? The bank manager (different branch) told him that they do not scan checks that come through the ATM. (LIES!) He had to wait for the originals. His came faster than mine (but not fast enough to alleviate frustration and time wasted going to the bank several times), and he had the overdraft fees that were incurred as a result reversed- but not without resistance. They wanted to give him a counter credit as well. On top of that, when he insisted the overdrafts be reversed instead of credited, the bank manager went back in his account and noted that, ‘well, I see you had an overdraft fee here in September, as well…’ with the implication that Jim was just trying to get overdraft fees reversed for the hell of it, as opposed to their bank error.

Jim has closed his account as well.
I suppose I could understand their complete lack of assistance if either of us had a history of trying to pass fraudulent checks, or if we were new account holders, but we were both long-term account holders with no previous issues.

Way to go, Bank of America!!

Keep up the good fight, Consumerist gang!

Stacy C

Yuck! Thanks for the letter, Stacy. We hope you’re happier at your new bank. Anyone else having problems depositing checks at Bank of America ATMs or are Stacy and her fiancé just unlucky?

(Photo:Bob Reck)

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