According to the Missouri Department of Weights and Measures, 2% of all gas pumps sell the wrong amount of gas. The error usually benefits the consumer. [KMBC]


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  1. varco says:

    I, for one, am outraged.

  2. r4__ says:

    It’s the victim’s fault.

  3. Aladdyn says:

    According to the car guys, on NPR, gas pumps are calibrated to be accurate at 60 degrees i think it was. So if you pump gas in the morning when its cold out you get extra gas, and if you pump it when its hot ous you pay extra for the gas. In Alaska they have spent the money to put in devices that compensate for the cold since it costs the gas stations money. In places where its warm and its in the companies favour, they claim its too expensive to install corrective devices.

  4. guroth says:

    The temp refers to the temp of the gasoline, not the temp of the weather. So even in 110 degree heat the gasoline temp is not going to rise much since the gas is stored below the ground.

  5. kc2idf says:

    Did anyone read the last sentence of the summary? “The error usually benefits the consumer.”

    I’m good with it.