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Image courtesy of "Innocents fired... Liars kept jobs... Store hard drives seized... Pants shat..."

Best Buy Porn Thief Inquisitions Revealed
“I reached out to shake his hand. He shook mine, looked me in the eyes and said “I already know if you are going to tell me the truth or not,” with an intimidating grip on my hand still.”

Leaks: How Geek Squad Investigated Its Own Porn Thieves

“Innocents fired… Liars kept jobs… Store hard drives seized… Pants shat…”

Amazon Cancels Black Friday Orders, CSRs Trick Customer Into Buying $90 Mouse
“Amazon either ran out of inventory or didn’t catch several pricing errors on their Black Friday sale until after they’d already begun to ship products, but either way a lot of customers just had their orders canceled.”

This Boneless Spiral Ham Is “Delicious For Chanukah”
“NancyKay Shapiro attributed the signs to the “Department of Monumental Cluelessness, Well-Meaning Division.”

Landlord-Tenant Law For Every State
“Good for renters to bookmark in case you’re ever in a dispute with your landlord, or just because you’re a smart person who likes to have useful information relevant to your life on hand.”