Paypal Hates You

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Thanks for calling, please go away [Seth Godin's Blog]

Both people were happy to talk to me for as long as I wanted, but neither person was able to do anything at all. The system is clearly designed this way… to insulate the people who make decisions from the actual customers.

– Marketing maven Seth Godin on his experience dealing with Paypal customer service after they seized his money and treated him like a criminal. He eventually got his money back, but he will forever have an exasperated taste in his mouth. Consumers hate on Paypal all the time but in some ways you can kind of understand where they’re coming from, people are trying to scam them all the time. One of the other online payment alternatives, “e-gold,” is frequently used by credit card thieves to exchange funds. They probably have very friendly customer service.

Thanks for calling, please go away [Seth Godin’s Blog]

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