Red Bull has pulled a nativity-themed ad from Italian television after a priest from Sicily denounced it as a “blasphemous act.” [Reuters]

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  1. DrGirlfriend says:

    Awesome thumbnail.

  2. pissy elliott says:

    Quintuple props for the use of Estelle Getty.

  3. mbprice says:

    Waaah my delusions are special and sacred and they deserve special attention and delicate handling!

  4. geekiscool says:

    Does anyone know where I can see a pictue of it?

  5. junkmail says:

    Yes, I’m sure your delusions are special and sacred, but I’m certainly not going to be rude and make sarcastic comments about them.

  6. Oshawapilot says:

    So if muslims get their boxers in a twist over someone “disgracing” their religion they are branded as zero tolerance extremists.

    But holy geez, looks like the Catholics can’t take it either.

    People, tasteless or not, flipping out at every seeming infraction of your personal religion of choice is silly.

  7. Freedomboy says:

    Us atheists don’t freak every time every one on earth places every single thing on earth in a god context. And kills us for noticing or for mentioning it.

  8. Craig says:

    A completely useless comment thread that isn’t going to change anybody’s mind about anything.

  9. trollkiller says:

    Every time a bell rings, Red Bull gives you wings.
    copyright Mike Cummings 2007

  10. Robert Synnott says:

    Italy has a reputation for being particularly reactionary about such things…

  11. KJones says:

    Darn right, who would want to taint Red Bull’s image like that?

    Blasphemy is a victimless crime. Any religion that can’t deal with being made fun of isn’t worth believing in. If your religion can’t take a joke, then your religion is a joke.

    @trollkiller: That line is a keeper.

  12. Benstein says:

    Yeah lighten up yadda yadda… but what idiot PR person thought that this would be a good idea? Can he even find the Vatican on a map?

  13. trollkiller says:

    @KJones: Your line is also a keeper. If your religion can’t take a joke, then your religion is a joke.

  14. Why is this on the consumerist?

    ZOMG, someone in another country was offended by a commercial! What is the world coming to?

    Can we leave the religion trolling to Digg, please?